Snag-A-Slip 2.0 Is Now Available in App Stores!

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Snag-A-Slip - Mobile App - Updates - Book Boat Slips

The Snag-A-Slip team is excited to announce the release of Snag-A-Slip 2.0 for iOS and Android! Search, reserve, and pay for your boat slips and moorings with Snag-A-Slip!

Our team has been working hard to on these new mobile app updates based on your feedback! Trying to keep up with all of the changes to the Snag-A-Slip mobile app? Check out our previous set of updates here!

New Mobile Wallet

We’ve updated our checkout flow with a payment wallet. Just add your preferred credit/debit card once, and we’ll securely save it for hassle-free bookings in the future. You can save multiple cards to your wallet, and can add your cards during booking or via your account.

Quick Search Options

We’ve added quick action buttons on the home tab for viewing all marinas and private listings on the map or for finding marinas near you. Remember to enable location services for these features!

Top 10 Searches

We are now saving your top 10 most recent searches so you can find your top destinations with a simple tap! Additionally, you can now filter to see only available marinas once you’ve added your dates and boat info for your area of interest.

New Rewards Tracker

We have a new Rewards tab to make it easier for you to track your progress towards completing the Dozen Dock Challenge. Book and stay 12 nights with your Snag-A-Slip account, and earn a 13th night on us! Remember, only account holders can earn rewards credits.

Updated Marina Profiles

We made improvements to our marina and private listing profile views, including a new layout, adding multiple photos per profile, and larger navigation buttons. Now it’s even easier to compare different marinas, and snag your slip or mooring wherever you want to go!

Search Tab - Snag-A-Slip 2.0 - Mobile App - Updates - Book Boat Slips
Marina Results - Snag-A-Slip 2.0 - Mobile App - Updates - Book Boat Slips
Check Availability- Snag-A-Slip 2.0 - Mobile App - Updates - Book Boat Slips
Trips View - Snag-A-Slip 2.0 - Mobile App - Updates - Book Boat Slips

You asked, we listened! The above features and improvements were developed based on requests from boaters like you. Don’t forget to leave a review for Snag-A-Slip in the app store!

The Snag-A-Slip mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices, and is compatible for both mobile phones and tablets. If you have any feedback about these features or ideas for new mobile app updates, just drop us a line!

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