Snag-A-Slip For Marinas


Snag-A-Slip is the fastest and easiest way for boaters to explore
new destinations, find great marinas and reserve boat slips.
Partner with us today to unlock your digital potential.

By joining the Snag-A-Slip family, you can kick back and relax!

Boost Visibility

Boost Visibility

Your marina will get a free profile highlighting your property and its amenities.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Increase exposure and only pay when a boater books a reservation at your marina.

Free-up Your Time

Free-up Your Time

Allow us to market, book, and manage your inventory in real-time, year round and 24/7.

Get Dedicated Assistance

Get Dedicated Assistance

Our team is here to provide the best customer service, including special emails & surveys for your boaters.

Access Even More

Access Even More

Get more access to cruising groups, yacht clubs and rendezvous.

Set Sail
to Smarter Marina Management

Snag-A-Slip's integrations with marina management software tools,
such as MARINAGO and Molo, give you the tools and visibility
to make marina management smooth sailing.

Bookings flow seamlessly from Snag-A-Slip to these cloud-based marina management tools,
allowing boaters to check availability and reserve dockage in real-time.

Check out some of the features of these tools below, and Contact Us to get started today!

Reservations Management


No more paper or checks! Create new reservations for daily and long term boaters with just a few clicks.

Dockage Inventory and Assignments

Dockage Inventory
and Assignments

Track slip availability, assign boats to slips, and optimize every foot of your docks — all in the cloud!

Rates Management


From special holiday rates, to standard, fixed-seasonal rates, easily create and store pricing for every type of reservation.

Add-On Management

Add-On Management
[Electric, Ice, etc.]

Track add on charges, and bill your customers at your convenience.

Easy Reservation Confirmation and Invoice Creation

Easy Reservation
Confirmation and
Invoice Creation

Confirm reservations with a click of a button, and generate e-invoices immediately.

Customers and Vessels Management

Customers and
Vessels Management

Maintain customer accounts: including contact, payment, and boat information.

Track Invoices and Transactions

Track Invoices
and Transactions

Follow your revenue with free reporting features.

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