The Snag-A-Slip Dozen Dock Challenge
– A rewards program helping you dock more and spend less.

It’s simple—the more you dock, the more you save. Snag-A-Slip account holders who book multiple trips are eligible for a free credit which can be applied to a future dockage. With no restrictions or blackout dates!


Snag a Dozen

Snag a Dozen

Whether you book them all at
once, or one night at a time,
snag 12 nights of slips and
earn your 13th free.*

View Progress

View Progress

Your progress will be
updated up to 72 hours
after pulling away.

Redeem your Dock

Redeem your Dock

After 12 nights, your account
will receive a credit for the
average cost of your slips,
which you can apply to a
future booking of your choice.

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Only Snag-A-Slip account holders can qualify for rewards nights!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify?

Easy! Have a free Snag-A-Slip account and book 12 nights of slips. You will be automatically qualified for a free credit towards a future booking!

What if I don't have an account?

That's no problem, just click on the button above to get your free account and start earning nights towards your reward!

How do I redeem my credit?

After booking 12 nights of slips, you will receive a credit worth the average of your 12 nights, which you can apply to a future booking of your choice during the checkout process.

Are there any restrictions on when I can use my free night?

Nope! Snag-A-Slip has ZERO blackouts or restrictions on when and where you can book!

Do my free nights expire?

Your free credit will expire one year from the day of your 12th booking.

*Snag-A-Slip, LLC, reserves the right to change/modify the program at any time.
The Dozen Dock Challenge™️ is a trademark of Snag-A-Slip, LLC.