Spring Boating Checklist

By April 3, 2024Captain's Tips

Spring has finally sprung, and it’s the perfect time for boating enthusiasts to conduct much-needed maintenance checks on their vessels before the new season is in full swing. 

This might sound complicated but never fear, Snag-A-Slip’s maritime experts are here to ensure your spring boating season goes smoothly. Just follow their checklist before heading out on the water this year.

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Safety and Emergency Gear

Before launching your boating season, it’s important to inpect the safety gear. Begin with ensuring that your life jackets are in good condition, and you have enough of them for all the passengers you might bring onboard this season. In addition to life jackets, check the fire extinguishers to make sure they are fully charged, properly stowed away, and are appropriate for your vessel.

Propellers and Hull

When de-winterizing your vessel, it is important to examine the propellers for dings, cracks, pitting, or distortion. Ensure that the propeller is securely fastened and replace any bearings if necessary. You should also thoroughly inspect the hull for blisters, distortions, and cracks. Don’t forget to put the drain plug securely in its place each time you launch your boat.

Fuel System

Take a close look at the hoses, connections, and tank surface for signs of leaks or damage. Be sure to replace components showing signs of wear or damage, and fasten fittings and clamps securely. Additionally, confirm that the engine, exhaust, and ventilation systems are in proper working order.

Boat Engine Checks | Credit corlaffra on Shutterstock

Fluid Levels

Fluid level checks are an essential part of preparing your boat for the upcoming season. Check the levels of engine oil, power steering fluid, power trim reservoirs and coolant. If these tasks were not completed prior to winterization, it is vital to change the engine oil, oil filter, and drive lubricants now.

Belts, Cables, & Hoses

Ensure that belts fit tightly and are not showing signs of wear, while looking. Be sure to check for any cracks or brittle areas in belts, cables, and hoses, and replace if necessary. Once you preform these checks, inspect the outer jacket control cables for cracks or swells that may indicate a problem.

Additional Maintenance Tasks

After all of the essential checks are complete, take a few extra steps to get your vessel in good working order for summer cruising. Test your boat’s battery to ensure it is working properly and clean off any corrosion. Then, use an eco-friendly cleaner to wash the deck, hull, and topsides to get your boat sparkling clean.

This guide stands as a standard checklist for spring maintenance that can vary depending on your vessel, so refer to your boat’s owner’s manual to guarantee a safe boating season. By following these comprehensive guidelines, your boat will be ready for safe and enjoyable days on the water. Happy Boating!

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