Marina Spotlight: Thames Yacht Club

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Embark on a maritime adventure to Thames Yacht Club and uncover the hidden gems of New London, CT. From historic landmarks to scenic waterfront promenades and a vibrant arts scene, New London ensures an unforgettable experience for boating enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike.

Thames Yacht Club

Beaches at the marina | Credit Thames Yacht Club

Founded in 1933, Thames Yacht Club stands as a beacon of boating excellence in New London. Situated on the majestic Thames River, this mooring-only marina welcomes both power and sailboats up to 50’, offering a serene retreat for all types of boaters. Boaters can easily cruise to popular nearby destinations such as Long Island Sound, Fisher’s Island, and Niantic Bay, immersing themselves in the beauty of Connecticut’s coastal landscapes.

Transient boaters can access various marina amenities including a grilling area, event space for special occasions, beautiful beaches, and clean bathrooms and showers. Additionally, the marina offers delicious fares at their on-site restaurant. At Thames Yacht Club, boaters are welcomed into a vibrant community united by a passion for boating and yachting.


Exploring New London

Mouth of Thames River in New London, CT | Credit Wangkun Jia on shutterstock

While visiting Thames Yacht Club, boaters can venture beyond the marina and explore the natural beauty that surrounds New London. Discover historic landmarks such as the Custom House Maritime Museum or take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront promenade with a picturesque backdrop. History buffs can delve deeper into the city’s past with a visit to Fort Trumbull State Park, where they can enjoy military history exhibits and scenic views of the Thames River. Another great place to visit is Ocean Beach Park, a family-friendly destination offering swimming, picnicking, and amusement rides. 

New London is also known for its vibrant arts scene with galleries and theaters showcasing local talent. Food lovers can savor the diverse culinary scene, from fresh seafood at Fred’s Shanty to international cuisines at Mi Familia Restaurant. With its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, New London offers a unique experience for every boater.

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