Thanksgiving on Your Boat

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash | Thanksgiving | Snag-A-Slip

Boaters have the most to be thankful for; on Thanksgiving and every day. You know it’s true! That’s why it’s such a great idea to host Thanksgiving on your boat. Because everything is better on the water!

The crew at Snag-A-Slip knows the secrets for hosting a Thanksgiving to remember on your boat. But before we do that, just in case you need a reminder, we want to share the top four things boaters are most thankful for. We know there are way more than four, but these are the ones we hear all the time.

Top four things boaters are thankful for:

  • Boat Therapy – Time on your boat recharges your battery. It sets your compass straight in a way therapy never could.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash | Thanksgiving | Snag-A-Slip
  • Family Time – Your boat gives you a reason to get together with the people you love. In our hectic world, your boat means tubing with the kids, fishing with friends and even romantic time with your partner (Co-captain?).
  • Boating Friends – Boating brings people together. People of all ages and all walks of life share the love of boating, and with it a very special kind of community and friendship.
  • Safer and Smarter Boats – Boat builders today are building boats that are safer for all ages and abilities – from little ones to grandparents, to the physically challenged, everyone can join in. Plus, there’s new technology that allows you to turn the lights on and off from your Smart Phone, and alerts you to upcoming maintenance before something goes awry.

How to host Thanksgiving on your boat

If there was ever a year to host Thanksgiving on your boat, this is it! With the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 holidays will be unlike any in recent memory. So why not give these challenging times a silver lining? Plan a scaled down yet festive Thanksgiving feast on-board. We can help. Here are five clever tips guaranteed to make it a success:

Keep It Small

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us the safest way to enjoy the holiday is to keep it small. Even better if you can keep it outdoors. For example, the cockpit or flybridge of a midsize boat is perfect for dinner for four to six people.

Outdoor Is The New Indoor

Enjoy your boat’s outdoor space and captivating views. Turn up the festive by adding strings of lights or holiday throw pillows. How about placing travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer at each place setting next to the turkey-themed napkins? From simple and cheerful to absolutely overboard, your celebration can be as unique as you are. Hint: most boats that are 35 feet or longer have outdoor spaces where you can sit four to six people 6 feet apart, especially if there are couples you can seat in a two-by-two fashion. 

Plan Ahead

Plan your entire meal ahead of time. You may even want to meal prep so all you need to do is heat up. Don’t worry about making it too fancy. It’s the people around the table that make Thanksgiving, not the food on it. If need be, go for turkey sandwiches and hand-held apple pies. We don’t think there will be a single complaint. If there is, you can make them walk the plank!

Boating is a Social Distancing Activity

When the festivities are over and your guests disembark, you, and perhaps your co-captain, are alone. What better way to social distance? As a matter of fact, why not take this opportunity to set off on a two-week cruise? It’s the perfect quarantine.

Experience Gratitude

Remember to take time to bask in the gratitude you’ll feel, celebrating Thanksgiving in a new way with those you love – or like enough to invite aboard. After all, everything is better on a boat, and celebrating any holiday on the water is pretty nifty.

Choose A Location

Cruising the waters close to home, or even just docked at your favorite marina, will bring you joy. But, if you’re thinking about a destination Thanksgiving, secure your slip with our interactive map. 

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