Panama City, Florida Destination Guide

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Photo by Jose Llamas on Unsplash | Panama City, Florida | Snag-A-Slip

Yearning for a totally different kind of Florida vacation? Then skip the rest of the state and set your course straight for the Panhandle and sail right into Panama City, Florida. It offers miles and miles of white sand beaches and an authentic tropical vibe. Yeah, mon! This piece of paradise is so stunning it draws tourists from across the United States and around the globe. They come for the water, the sights, the food, the vibe and sunsets like no others – every single day.

The crystal-blue waters of St. Andrews Bay are perfect for fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. And, if you’re looking for something slower paced, try dolphin-watching or shelling on the uninhabited Shell Island in St. Andrews State Park. Check out the island web cam to feel like you’re there right now.


When your tummy starts a rumbling, that’s your que to enjoy Panama City’s water views and fresh, locally caught seafood. As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of eateries; from a fancy 5-star to a grab-n-go. All good and all different. If you love oysters, be sure to visit one local landmark; Gene’s Oyster Bar. Gene’s gets rave reviews every time. USA TODAY says “…the oysters at Gene’s are as fresh as they come…”

Family Fun

Don’t head for home before experiencing a few of Panama City’s attractions, like the Museum of Man in the Sea. Owned by the Institute of Diving, the museum showcases the history and progress of underwater technology. You can lose an entire day here! If you’re ready to get up close and personal with some local wildlife, you’ll want to visit the Gulf World Marine Park. There, you’ll be entertained by animal shows, swim with dolphins and even feed stingrays. This is a family favorite.

Photo by Lindsey Erin on Unsplash | Panama City, Florida | Snag-A-Slip

A Bird’s Eye View

Want to take your vacation to a whole different level? Then hop aboard a helicopter to get a uncommon view of Panama City. Whether you’re looking for fun for the whole family or a romantic ride for two, taking to the sky never disappoints.


If your idea of a vacation is sand under your feet, a book in your hand and a well-stocked cooler, then Panama City Beach is the ticket. With 27 miles of shoreline, it never feels crowded. Stay for a few hours or pitch your umbrella for the entire day. Then, when you want to take a break from the beach (I don’t understand that impulse, but OK), you can spend some quality time with nature at Oaks by the Bay Park. It’s a peaceful place smack in the middle of Panama City to enjoy a breezy respite on the waterfront under the shade of ancient oak trees. The oldest area in Panama City, the park make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Especially when you gaze at The Sentry, a stunning 250-year-old oak.

No matter what wind blows you into Panama City, you’ll find something to love about it. So much so, that many visitors never leave. Wait, did you hear that? Panama City is calling you!

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