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If you’re seeking a bit more sunshine and heat, Mexico may be the perfect place to visit in the upcoming boating season. We have 3 marinas in the Snag-A-Slip family situated along either side of the country that you should absolutely add to your upcoming itinerary!

Manzanillo, Colima – COL, Mexico

Marina Puerto de la Navidad’s 200 slips reside on the west coast of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean inside the protected waters of the Laguna de Barra de Navidad. The scenic docks are considered among the top 10 best private marinas in Latin American, and once you see the extensive list of amenities, you’ll know why! The marina is part of the Grand Isla Navidad Resort and guests with a slip have access to the resort’s facilities as well as the amenities the marina offers. These include the necessities such as laundry, Wifi, showers, and drop-in services, but also the ones wonderful to have like pools, gym and spa, boat/kayak/paddleboard rentals and much more. The resort even has a 27-hole golf course! There are plenty of nearby attractions that we definitely recommend you take a look at including San Patricio, Tenacatita, El Tamarindo, Careyes, Kitchen Island and La Chamela. The resort also has 3 restaurants/bars that operate year long, and a fourth that opens during peak boating season for guests’ enjoyment. Whether you’re visiting as a stop on a longer trip, or a vacation with friends and family, Marina Puerto de la Navidad is a must see destination in Mexico.

Marina Puerto de la Navidad Docks | Mexico Cruising Guide | Snag-A-Slip
Marina Puerto de la Navidad Palm Trees | Mexico Cruising Guide | Snag-A-Slip
Hotel and Pool Aerial | Mexico Cruising Guide | Snag-A-Slip
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Hotel Marina El Cid Pool | Mexico Cruising Guide | Snag-A-Slip

Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Heading east, you’ll be met with the slightly more familiar coast in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea in close proximity to the Bahamas/Florida Keys. Hotel Marina El Cid is an all-inclusive resort perfect for visitors of any lifestyle. If you love the water (which you probably do if you’re a boater), you can explore the Puerto Morales National Reef Park with an expert snorkeling instructor or just enjoy a relaxing boat ride before heading to your slip. For any of your landlubbing travel companions, guests have access to all amenities at the resort including deep tissue massages, personal training or group fitness, spa days, or drinks at the pool bars. If kid captains accompany you on your journey, the hotel offers a Kid’s Club where they can play with other kids and have fun while the adults enjoy some much deserved RnR. There are 11 onsite bars and restaurants, offering cuisine from Asian-Mediterranean fusion at El Alcozar, to the freshest seafood at La Marina. Every guest must visit Hacienda Arrecife, where they are very serious about their tequila, offering more than one hundred brands for guests to try. Enjoy the beauty of Puerto Morelos without a care in the world!

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Head a bit north of Puerto Morelos to just 10 minutes outside of Cancun, Mexico and visit V & V Marina! Cancun is more popular with tourists and visitors but it makes sense – have you seen the beaches? If the scenery doesn’t convince you, perhaps the nightlife and extensive list of activities will do it for you! V & V Marina is the perfect destination for those looking to be close to the action while still having a relaxing port to head back to after a fun day out and about. The docks can accommodate boats up to 200ft – yes, we’re looking at you mega yachts! With so much to do and see in town, you may want to explore every day and we don’t blame you. However, V & V Marina has a ton of great amenities that will allow you to stay dockside if you so desire. With a Captain’s Lounge, Wifi, ice, groceries, gas/diesel, a snack shop and more, why leave? Take some time to focus on you and relax. There is also a golf course just outside of the marina grounds, about 5 minutes away, and the marina can accommodate/coordinate transportation to anywhere you would like to visit. Add V & V to your future itinerary!

V & V Marina Aerial | Mexico Cruising Guide | Snag-A-Slip
V & V Marina Hotel | Mexico Cruising Guide | Snag-A-Slip

Please note: At the time of publishing, due to the rapidly changing situation from the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the United States, the marina(s) mentioned in this blog post may already be temporarily closed or will close temporarily due to limitations in place by local government authorities.

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