Exciting Changes to Our Booking Process: Introducing Flexible Deposits at Snag-A-Slip

By May 3, 2024Snag-A-Slip News

Dear Marina Managers,

We’re excited to announce a significant update to our booking system at Snag-A-Slip, launching in early May. This change, inspired by feedback from both our marina partners and boaters, introduces a new, flexible deposit system designed to enhance the reservation experience. Our goal is to align more closely with the varying practices of marinas and accommodate boater preferences for payment flexibility.

New Deposit System: What’s Changing?

Previously, our platform required full payment upfront for all reservations, regardless of their duration or timing. Moving forward, we’re adapting our approach to better match the practices of partners marinas and the preferences of our users.  

Here’s an overview of the default deposit structure: 

  • Hourly, 1-Night, and Same Day Arrivals: Full payment collected upon reservation approval
  • 2-29 Nights Reservations: A 1-night deposit collected upon reservation approval
  • 30+ Nights Reservations: A 7-night deposit collected upon reservation approval

Balance Collection: For bookings not paid in full at the time of reservation approval, Snag-A-Slip will automatically collect the remaining balance the night before the boater’s scheduled arrival, ensuring all payments are completed in advance of the stay.

There will be no impact or change to your payouts as a result of this new feature.

Customizable Deposit Options

We understand that some marinas may prefer to collect a different percentage of the deposit, up to 100%, based on their specific needs and operational policies. Our new feature allows for customization of the deposit amount – whether that’s more or less than the standard we’ve set. If your marina requires a unique deposit structure, we encourage you to reach out to your account manager or our customer service team directly. Our team is ready to assist in adjusting the settings to precisely fit your operational requirements.

Benefits of the New System

This new deposit system offers several advantages for boaters and marinas:

  • Enhanced Flexibility for Boaters: Deposits allow boaters to secure a reservation without the burden of paying the entire amount upfront. This can make planning and budgeting for trips easier, especially for extended stays.
  • Aligned Booking Experience: By mirroring marina’s on-site payment practices, we can create a cohesive experience for boaters from the online booking to their arrival at your dock.
  • Market Competitiveness: Offering a deposit-based booking system can make a marina more attractive to boaters who prefer financial flexibility and may draw more customers looking for user-friendly booking experiences.

Flexible Cancellation Policies

At Snag-A-Slip, we’ve always tailored our services to match the unique cancellation policies of each marina. The introduction of our deposit feature is an extension of this commitment, allowing us to better meet the specific operational needs of our partners. We will continue to adhere to your cancellation policies, ensuring your revenue is protected while accommodating your boaters’ needs. With these new changes, we encourage you to review your current policies on your Snag-A-Slip profile to ensure they are up to date and reflect your preferences.

Implementation and Support

This feature will be enabled automatically for all newly created reservations in early May 2024. You will begin to see deposit details in your reservation confirmations as well as in your Marina Portal.

We understand that changes might prompt questions or require adjustments, and our team is committed to making this transition as seamless as possible. We will provide full support throughout the process.

For assistance, please reach out to our customer support team via email at hello@snagaslip,com, phone at 443-808-2700, or use our online chat on snagaslip.com.

Your Feedback Is Vital

As we roll out this new feature, we welcome your insights and feedback. Your experiences are crucial in helping us refine and perfect our services to better serve both our marina partners and our boaters.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we navigate these exciting changes. Together, we look forward to making the booking process more adaptable, straightforward, and aligned with your needs.

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