Destination: Cape May, NJ

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Cape May, located at the southernmost point of the New Jersey coastline, is a nautical paradise intertwined with a rich history. Boaters are drawn to this charming coastal town for its enchanting Victorian architecture, pristine beaches, and welcoming community. Steeped in maritime heritage, Cape May exudes a timeless charm that captivates visitors, making them feel like they’ve stepped back in time. The town’s strategic location has played a significant role in American History, making it a destination for history buffs and boaters seeking a glimpse into the past.

Endless Adventures for Boaters

Cape May offers an abundance of thrilling experiences for all boaters. With easy access to the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, it’s the perfect setting for leisurely cruises along the shoreline, or even full day fishing excursions. The waters surrounding Cape May are also home to an array of shipwrecks, making Cape May a prime spot for diving and exploring underwater treasures. 

When you need a break from watersports and fishing, boaters can find an abundance of activities on land, including the iconic Cape May Lighthouse, offering panoramic views of the coastline.


Waterfront Culinary Delights

Cape May has a vibrant food scene that won’t disappoint. From fresh-off-the-boat seafood delicacies to farm-to-table culinary experiences, the town offers a delightful array of dining options. Stop at one of their many waterfront dining options to indulge in succulent crab cakes, local oysters, or a steaming bowl of clam chowder all while enjoying the picturesque views of boats bobbing on the harbor. Cape May also offers stunning sunset dinner cruises for those seeking a unique dining experience.

With its blend of maritime history, exciting water activities, and culinary delights, Cape May beckons boaters to embark on a truly unforgettable maritime adventure!

Where to Dock


Bayway Marina

Bayway Marina is a serene and cozy hideaway nestled on Cape May’s deep and stunning waters. Experience ultimate relaxation in this tranquil part of town, while enjoying convenient amenities such as gas, diesel, boat maintenance, and pristine shower facilities. Just a short distance from Cape May’s vibrant shopping, dining, and entertainment district, Bayway Marina offers the perfect weekend getaway for families or those seeking peaceful solitude on the water!

Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May

Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May (CYCCM) is a historic and private club offering dockage reciprocity to other yacht clubs. Docking services accommodate boats up to 50’ in length and 20’ beam, with access to amenities like restrooms, showers and an on-site restaurant. CYCCM is renowned for its world-class sailing, family-friendly atmosphere, and volunteer spirit.

South Jersey Marina

South Jersey Marina is a premier full service marina offering top-notch accommodations and services for over 20 years. With high profile floating piers, experienced staff, and access to boat repairs, boaters will find everything they need for a productive and enjoyable experience. Located on Cape May Harbor, South Jersey Marina is committed to the well-being of boats and boaters, making it the ultimate destination for a seamless and enjoyable boating adventure!

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