Florida’s Secret Beaches

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Can you blame the locals for wanting to keep Florida’s exquisite secret beaches hush hush? We can’t! Because finding a beautiful and secluded beach in a land swarming with sun worshippers can be tricky indeed. Luckily for you, the crew at Snag-A-Slip has scoured the great state of Florida and discovered some of the most unforgettable of Florida’s secret beaches. But do us a favor, and don’t tell the locals who told you!
This super-secret list is for all warm breeze and sunshine seekers looking for a reprieve from the well-known, and often jam-packed, Florida beaches. Although there are many more for you to explore, these are our favorites of Florida’s best secret beaches. We think you’ll love them so much you won’t tell another soul about them.

Vilano Beach

Just north of St. Augustine, away from the crowds, is a lovely and quiet stretch of beach where you’ll have all the room you like to spread your towel and plant your umbrella. This residential beach, with its laid-back vibe, sits north of the Matanzas Inlet, and offers breaking surf perfect for all forms of water sports. What you won’t find on Vilano Beach are trendy hotels and tourists. You’ll own it!

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Florida's Secret Beaches - Vilano Beach - Snag-A-Slip

Pass-A-Grille Beach

You can leave the crowded beaches of Tampa and St. Petersburg behind because you know a secret. Just a smidgen south, right next to St. Petersburg Beach is the peaceful and pretty Pass-a-Grille beach. Yes, that’s really its name! It got this curious name because of the fishermen who grilled their fresh catches on the sand there. While you’re visiting, the vibrant little town behind the beach is definitely worth taking a walkthrough.

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Florida's Secret Beaches - VPass-a-Grille Beach - Snag-A-Slip

Shell Key Preserve 

Boaters rule at this hidden beach because it’s only accessible by boat! It’s an underdeveloped barrier island near Tampa Bay, and is one of the most important beaches for shorebird nesting. It’s also the perfect place for boaters to spend time with their own kind!

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Calusa Beach

Heading farther south, into the Florida Keys’ Bahia Honda State Park in Big Pine Key, you’ll find one of the best hidden and most romantic beaches; Calusa Beach. You’ll enjoy the feel of the powdery white sand between your toes, and become rejuvenated in the clear turquoise waters. It’s also a prime snorkeling location so bring your gear!

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Calusa Beach - Snag-A-Slip

Gasparilla Island 

Hidden in an often-overlooked stretch of Florida’s Gulf Coast is a barrier island straddling the border of Charlotte and Lee Counties; Gasparilla Island State Park. On this island are quiet natural beaches that will charm you. The island also has a colorful past filled with tales of the pirate, Gasparilla. Do a little digging and you may turn up some pirate booty!

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Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach is a hidden gem situated between the vacation meccas of Pensacola Beach and Destin. It’s in a sleepy seaside community known as “Florida’s most relaxing place.” Along with relaxation, you’ll find white-sand beaches and emerald green water. This is a true hideaway in the Panhandle, that is not on many people’s radar. While you’re there, be sure to say hello to the resident sea turtles and dolphins!

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Florida's Secret Beaches - Navarre Beach - Snag-A-Slip
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