COVID-19 Boating Tips

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The stress of COVID-19 may seem to be settling down, but it is super important to keep following guidelines set in place to keep you and others safe from spreading the virus. Check out our COVID-19 boating tips below – we can’t wait to see you out on the water!

Every state is handling boating during COVID-19 differently, but it is easy to maintain social distancing and state guidelines while still enjoying time out on the water in the summer months. It’s honestly the perfect excuse to cast off – not that you’ll need one! Here are some COVID-19 boating tips and overviews to keep yourself and others safe throughout the boating season.

In Maryland, our home state, many places are opening their doors to visitors and guests. Boating is a great activity because you can enjoy some alone time or bring your family and enjoy the waves. Many restaurants along the Chesapeake Bay have outdoor seating open for guests to come get delicious food and stay within a safe distance from other patrons. Maybe it’s time to take the boat out to a restaurant to tie up and grab a bite? Another idea is anchoring out at a safe distance and have a picnic on the water. The opportunities are endless!

Rule number one seems obvious enough right? Just make sure that only your immediate family is aboard your vessel with you. Now more than ever, it is important to limit your contact with those not living in your household. In the open water, this should not be a problem. States are encouraging boaters to refrain from rafting up near others or beaching your boat right next to another vessel. If it is not possible to do so, please make sure you maintain a safe distance of 6ft or more and wear a mask! This goes for docking and fueling up – keep your distance from others and no loitering around. 

Marinas are working around the clock to make sure guests are kept healthy and safe while docked up; many have provided masks, sanitizers, and have been cleaning

SeaTow Distancing Guide | COVID-19 | Snag-A-Slip

non-stop so your stay will be secure and comfortable. Mechanical assistant organizations such as TowBoatUS and SeaTow are still actively assisting members if you are in need of any help while on your boat, so that is one less thing to worry about!

It is never too late for the season to start, so don’t let fear or uncertainty keep you from the water. Check your state’s guidelines and call the marina you’re interested in staying with to see what processes they have put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Check your local guidelines and marina openings online.

If you need any assistance making a future reservation or altering an existing reservation, please email [email protected].

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