The Daily Catch – Boat Safety on the Chesapeake Bay

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You’d Rather Be Safe Than Sorry

With one of the deadliest boating seasons yet on the Chesapeake Bay, boat safety should always be your #1 priority! Whether you’re kayaking along a river or sailing your bower boat, Sea Tow wants you to be taking these safety precautions to make sure you and your crew will have to best, and safest, time possible.

#1 Staying Alert

With the potential to have hundreds of fellow boaters out on the water, it is of the utmost importance to be alert of what is going on around you and how your actions can affect others. Make sure you have reviewed your itinerary and have familiarized yourself with your route. Also, be mindful of the wake your vessel creates as it could be creating a dangerous situation for others. Stay alert for signs, changing other boaters, changing weather and water conditions, etc.

Boaters are friends, not food

#2 Use Common Sense

Use that noggin to make smart, safe, decisions on the water. Simple actions like checking in with loved ones, wearing your life jacket, and riding inside the boat will make your voyage much safer. Don’t go out alone—besides, going out with a buddy is always more fun!

#3 Float Plan

Although a float plan is only used in emergency situations, it is a very beneficial item to have at the ready in those worst case scenarios. And you’re in luck—they’re easy to make! Just write down your travel plans, including where and when you will be traveling, the duration of your intended trip, and when you will be back. Don’t forget to leave a phone number(s) where you can be reached! The float plan will help alert the right people if you haven’t returned home and where people can start a search.

#4 Equipment and Boat Checks

Before you embark on your next adventure, double check the equipment on your boat and your vessel itself. Make sure everything is up to date and up to industry standards. It can never hurt to replace that old lifejacket that hasn’t been touched in years.

#5 Invest in Yourself and Your Equipment

Having some extra safety knowledge and gear onboard can never hurt. To sharpen your safety skills, check many different safety classes, in person or online—we recommend Sea Tow for their awesome safety instruction and equipment. And as far as equipment before your next journey, consider investing in an emergency rescue beacon. Sea Tow allows you to rent one of two different devices that work to alert search-and-rescue services in the event of an emergency by transmitting a coded message via satellite—pretty neat! Check it out here!

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Jointly written by Snag-A-Slip interns Becca Holloman and Gracie Cooper.

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