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Private Slip for Summer Rent in Downtown Annapolis

Annapolis, Maryland - MD, United States

Rent a slip for the summer months in the heart of Annapolis - Memorial Day thru Labor Day. The Spa Creek Marina is located across from the Annapolis Yacht Club on Spa Creek. Easy walk to all the downtown restaurants and shops with beautiful views of the quaint downtown and Spa Creek from the dock. The slip can handle a power boat or a sail boat up to 34' in length.

Priced and available from Memorial weekend through Labor Day 2021. Marina management requires a signed lease and an initial processing fee of $100.00. It is a one time cost-if you come back next year the processing fee is waived. Use of the club house facilities are included: clubhouse, bathrooms, and the pool overlooking Spa Creek. Live aboard requires additional paperwork.

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38.97124 / -76.48699

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