Top Boating Supplies for Cooking on your Boat

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Snag-A-Slip Blog - Top Boating Supplies for Cooking on your BoatSnag-A-Slip Blog - Top Boating Supplies for Cooking on your Boat
Cooking in your boat’s galley is certainly different than cooking in your kitchen at home. But the crew at Snag-A-Slip believes that, like everything else on your boat, it should be more fun. We’ve put together a few helpful tips, and a few of our favorite boat cooking supplies, that will assure that meal-time doesn’t rock the boat!
Don’t let the fact that everything is smaller in the galley get you in a Granny’s Knot. Yes, you’ll be working with a tiny stove, refrigerator (if any), sink, and cabinets, not to mention the itsy-bitsy trashcan, but your galley has everything you need. Plus, there is the option, and pure joy, of grilling on your boat. You’ll never cook with a better view!

To keep things sailing smoothly, here are a few tips for cooking and eating well on your boat:

  • – Plan ahead. Decide on, and provision for, your meals ahead of time for the duration of your trip.
  • – Make ahead. Go ahead and make some meals in advance, onshore, that you can freeze and simply reheat later.
  • – Pack smart. You’ll need to pay attention to space management because storage is limited in your boat’s galley. Take things out of big boxes and put them in zip-loc bags. Reduce the bulk.
  • – Have the right tools. Be sure that your galley is fully stocked with the proper cooking tools and equipment. From pots and utensils to spices and cleaning products, having what you need makes cooking a breeze.
  • – Be realistic! Right size your expectations and be realistic when planning your meals. Flaming Baked Alaska has no place on your boat.

As we said, the proper tools make all the difference. And there are some cool, and unique, tools out there designed with boaters in mind. The key is to not skimp on gally and cooking equipment, but at the same time, don’t expect to have all the paraphernalia you have at home, like a mixer, blender, or microwave. If you invest in a couple of good pots and pans, utensils, knives, and a cutting board, you’re set. Oh, and just in case you’re not aware, you’ll need a plastic cutting board. Unsealed wood doesn’t fare well in your gally because boats are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria.

Collapsible is the name of the game. When shopping, look for items that collapse or fold up to save valuable space. Collapsible silicone colanders are a perfect example. They fit in compact boat cabinets, so do nesting bowls and measuring cups, and pots with detachable handles (check out our pick below). 

While you’re at it, go ahead and measure the inside of your oven. That may sound odd, but with the smaller galley ovens, you want to be sure that your baking dishes and sheets fit. You can bet a full-sized cookie sheet will not. So, look for baking dishes and sheets with smaller dimensions.

Our top boating supplies for cooking on your boat

We’ve seen them all – every gadget and thingamajig designed for boating! Our advice is to not go overboard. The key is to select only what you need and buy quality. Here are our top picks and must-haves for cooking on your boat.

With over 800 recipes, this book is a must for your galley. The Boat Gally Cookbook, has everyday recipes and essential tips for cooking aboard your boat. There is also an inspiring website, The Boat Galley, that offers over 100 boat-friendly recipes for free.

Top Boating Supplies for Cooking on your Boat

The Portable Kitchen Stainless steel Utensil Set, for Outdoor Cooking and Grilling Utensil Organizer, has everything you need. From a wine bottle opener, and cooking and BBQ utensils, to a plastic cutting board, knives, and utensils, this kit has it all. Basically, it’s a kitchen in a sleek organized zippered bag.

Snag-A-Slip Blog - Cooking on your Boat - Portable Kitchen

The Magma 10 Piece Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set is a galley cook-saving grace. It’s also been ranked as the best cookware for a boat. The handles are removable and all the pots nest into one small, easy-to-store pod. It’s like magic! 

Snag-A-Slip Blog - Cooking on your Boat -The Magma 10 Piece Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set

The Portable Propane Gas Grill with Mount is a stainless-steel beauty that actually looks good on your boat! We love that it has adjustable brackets and a built-in thermometer. And, with the electric start, you’re grilling with a push of a button. Oh, and It also converts into a small tabletop grill if you want to take it on land.

Snag-A-Slip Blog - Cooking on your Boat - Boat Gril

Melamine Dishware is practical for a boat and looks good. They are unbreakable (A must for a boat!), chip-resistant, and lightweight. And, of course, they’re stackable so they’ll fit into tiny cabinets.

A Foldable Portable Aluminum Table lets you set up a dining area anyplace on your boat. It’s sturdy and waterproof and has anti-slip rubber feet so your meal won’t be sliding away from you every time there’s awake.  Plus, it folds up into a compact easy-store bag that weighs only 2.2 pounds. Sweet!

Snag-A-Slip Blog - Cooking on your Boat - Foldable Table

We think the Docktail Boat Bar & Ultimate Marine Cup & Bottle Holder was a brilliant idea for every sandbar, kae, or dockside party! It holds everything you can possibly want for a day on the water!  And it comes with an adjustable rod holder mount to accommodate any angle rod holder you have. Plus, you don’t need to put it together, it comes fully assembled. Cheers!

Snag-A-Slip Blog - Cooking on your Boat - Docktail Bar
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