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Snag-A-Slip Marina Updates

Announcing the launch of the new Snag-A-Slip Marina Portal!

Our marina partners have asked us for a portal to allow them to have real-time insights on their marina’s reservations, the ability to edit and update their marina’s profile on Snag-A-Slip, and tools for expanding their marina’s online reservation and marina management capabilities. We listened, and today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Snag-A-Slip Marina Portal, built exclusively for Snag-A-Slip Marina Partners, that offers the following:

Marina Portal Dashboard

The Marina Portal Dashboard includes data insights into your marina’s reservations, rates, and customer ratings. You can also generate a free and customizable booking button and widget to place on your marina’s website to capture off hours reservations.

You will also be able to learn about our three marina management integrations, which allows you to use Snag-A-Slip with the cloud-based marina management system of your choice.

Marina Portal - Dashboard - Snag-A-Slip - Marina Updates
Marina Portal - Bookings - Snag-A-Slip - Marina Updates

Bookings Archive

The Current Bookings and Bookings Archive tabs contain valuable information about all pending, past, and cancelled reservations your marina has had through Snag-A-Slip. In the Current Bookings tab, you are able to approve or deny any pending reservation awaiting confirmation, as well as view all upcoming reservations and all reservations from the past 30 days.

Click into a reservation to see full reservation details, including boater name and contact info, boat details, arrival and departure dates, and cost details. In the Bookings Archive, you can view all historic reservations for your marina via Snag-A-Slip.

Marina Profile Editor

Take a spin through your Marina Profile Editor, where you will be able to update or request updates to your marina’s profile on Snag-A-Slip. In this section, you can view basic information about your marina such as your address, lat/long coordinates, website, phone number, and emails on file to receive alerts regarding bookings.

You can also edit the Amenities showing on your Snag-A-Slip profile. Simply click on any amenity icon to add or remove it from your profile. Any icon that is highlighted in green will appear on your profile after you save your choices.

Snag-A-Slip supports multi-image carousels for marina profiles. Add multiple Photos or even a slip map to showcase your marina! You can also rearrange the order in which the photos appear.

Marina Portal - Edit Marina Profile - Snag-A-Slip - Marina Updates
Marina Portal - Pre-Arrival - Snag-A-Slip - Marina Updates

Did you know Snag-A-Slip sends an automatic Pre-Arrival Email to boaters starting 72hrs ahead of their check-in date? In your Marina Portal, you can view a preview of this email, and update your VHF Channel, check-in, and check-out time. In this email, you have the opportunity to communicate any dockage information or special instructions such as WiFi passwords or restroom codes that you’d like to make boaters aware of ahead of arrival.

Now, marina managers have even more control over their Snag-A-Slip profile, reservation history, and more! Log in today!

The Marina Portal was developed based on requests from marina managers like you. Our goal is to continue scaling and developing the Marina Portal tools as we gather feedback from our marina partners. If you have any feedback about these features or ideas for new marina updates, just drop us a line!

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