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Crew members come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. For just this reason, you may have found it challenging hitting upon ways to keep up-and-coming skippers (your kids) entertained. That won’t be a problem any longer! The crew at Snag-A-Slip has dug up a treasure trove of kids boating accessories. Some are so cool and fun they bring out the kid in all of us!

We take boating seriously, and we take play even more seriously. That’s why we took a good close look at hundreds of boating accessories that are out there for kids. It was very hard work! Then we took the ones that got the most raves and put together this list of the best marine-related accessories and toys. We’re not tooting our own horns, but we think these frontrunners will really float your boat.

Boating Accessories for Big kids

O’Brien Slacker 3 Inflatable

We don’t know why they call it the Slacker. Maybe it’s the inflatables La-Z-Boy profile. But this inflatable is anything but! It was one of our crew’s favorites. It has a three-passenger capability and allows riders to sit in a reclining position – legs stretched fully out. Six padded grab handles keep everyone in place. And once seated, passengers just chill out and enjoy the ride.  The Slacker is exceptionally stable, but also quick and drifts easily back and forth during “S” turns. This means riders can relax, without fear of being flipped or flung.

Snag-A-Slip Blog - Towable Tube - Kids Accessories

Transparent Canoe/Kayak

We thought this canoe/Kayak was out of this world! It’s transparent and lets you see everything below you as you paddle through the water. Imagine what you can see in the crystal-clear waters of, say, the Bahamas!  You’ll have the perfect view of all fish and sea life under your boat. It can seat up to 2 people and support up to 425 lbs.

Snag-A-Slip Blog - Crystal Kayak - Kids Accessories

Bumper Boats

Let the battles begin! Now you can have your very own bumper boats. What’s more fun than a friendly battle on the water? These inflatable boats will keep your kids and their friends entertained for hours. Plus they’re easy to store and take with you anywhere. And smashing into each other is only one way to enjoy them. You can also use them to troll around or fish from.

Snag-A-Slip Blog - The Go Boat - Kids Accessories

Boating Accessories for Wee Ones

Marine-Grade Baby Seat & Swing

We wish they had these for adults! The SearocK Marine-Grade Baby Seat & Swing is crafted to hang under any sturdy boat top (even the ribs of a Bimini).  Baby will love the natural rocking motion of the sea and can nap safely protected from the sun. Since this seat is marine-grade, it will withstand the elements of salt and weather. And it’s so sturdy, it will last for generations.

Snag-A-Slip Blog - SearocK Marine-Grade Baby Seat & Swing- Kids Accessories

Baby Swim Float

This gem is a perfect toy to have on board. Whether you’re swimming with the baby while anchored out, or at the marina pool, this gives the baby a chance to play in the water without being held the entire time. Plus, it has a built-in sunshade to protect the baby from the sun. Of course, always be extra safe when in the water and use an infant life vest as well as the float when anchored out, and always keep one hand on the float.

Snag-A-Slip Blog - SwimWays Baby Spring Float - Kids Accessories

Baby Sunglasses

These retro shades, designed specifically for baby, will assure baby is “styling” on or off your boat. They are very soft and flexible and non-breakable. And the comfortable strap keeps sunglasses on the baby’s face and not floating in the water!

Snag-A-Slip Blog - Baby Sunglasses - Kids Accessories

There are lots of great boating accessories for kids out there. You could say we just “dipped our toes in the water.” So, if you find one on your own that looks like a keeper, be sure to check its safety rating and take a look at what other customers are saying about the item and the company. It’s important to do your own due diligence. Then, bring it onboard for your next adventure. Not sure where that will be? Let Snag-A-Slip help you choose your next destination!

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