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Aerial of lake travis by Photo by Dale Honeycutt on Unsplash | Lake Travis | Snag-A-Slip

Fall is the perfect time for lake cruising, especially in the south! The milder temperatures are the perfect excuse for getting out on the water and we know just the place to go! Check out these awesome marinas along Lake Travis in Central Texas! 

So when you think of Central Texas, your first thought might not be huge bodies of water. Lake Travis is one of the biggest flood control reservoirs in Texas. It flows 65 miles across the state along the Colorado River, and the Pedernales River tributary connects at one end. It really is a site to visit if you’re traveling in Texas. 

Lake Travis has a ton of restaurants, shops, on-the-water businesses, lodging and more along the coast. Pretty much anything you could imagine doing or seeing can be done by way of a short boat ride. There is sailing, diving, fishing, boat rentals, flyboarding, etc. if you’re looking for some on the water action! Entertainment consists of live music, golf, parks and even bowling!

Rough Hollow Aerial | Lake Travis | Snag-A-Slip

Since Lake Travis is a flood controlling reservoir, the water levels are constantly fluctuating, typically between 100 foot difference! It has even been known to increase or decrease by around 20+ feet in one day. Please be careful when boating and participating in on the water activities. Always wear a life vest and closely monitor water levels. Watch for unearthed islands and sandbars as the water level decreases. Lake Travis is beautiful as it is dangerous, and while we definitely encourage boaters to go visit this wonder, always practice safe boating while there.

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When searching for all marinas, use our Interactive Map! Or check out our partner Marinalife with their marina listings for reference!

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