Top 10 Reasons to Be a Snag-A-Slip Boater

By September 5, 2017Captain's Tips
10 Reasons to be a Snag-A-Slip Boater. Find Marinas and Rent Boat Slips.


You are used to making online reservations. If you can book flights, hotel rooms, rental cars and dinner reservations online, why not your boat slip? Now, you can.


You like to use a variety of devices. As a mobile-optimized website, it will work on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Snag-A-Slip also has both iOS and Android apps available to download. Now, you can snag slips wherever you go, on whatever hardware you like!


You enjoy exploring new destinations and finding new marinas. One of the many reasons we love boating is the freedom it gives us to explore new places. Snag-A-Slip is now available from Canada to the Caribbean, and expanding every day. You can find all sorts of options in fun destinations you never even knew existed.


You like to price compare. Instead of calling around to a variety of different marinas in order to obtain rates, you can find all the information in one place, on our site.


You like to amenity compare. Our marina profiles include long descriptions about the marina, as well as amenity icons so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. Whether you need boat service and a simple spot, or a resort environment with all the bells and whistles, you can easily find it on Snag-A-Slip.


We like our customers. So we treat you the way you should be treated. That means we refund your money if you cancel within the allowed window (per the marina cancellation policy). 89% of our customer service survey respondents are extremely likely or very likely to recommend Snag-A-Slip to fellow boaters. We also have a 98% customer satisfaction rating.Our customer service team is readily available to boaters, seven days a week!


We offer a single point of contact. If you book your trip through Snag-A-Slip, you will have a single point of contact for your reservations. Snag-A-Slip will change, modify, cancel and plan new reservations for you, so that you can relax while underway. Think of us as your personal travel agent!


You don’t like booking fees. Snag-A-Slip has always been free for the boater to use. There is no booking fee for using Snag-A-Slip. In fact, we have a price match guarantee.


You like rewards. Who doesn’t like rewards? Users who create an account will be enrolled in our Dozen Dock ChallengeTM . For every 12 stays you complete, you will earn one free stay! There are no blackout dates, and your free night can be applied to any of the 500 marinas on our site.

And the # 1 reason to boat with Snag-A-Slip is….


Less time spent searching and contacting marinas, means more time on your boat. 


Now, let’s go boating! Check out all the great marinas we have to offer at Snag-A-Slip.

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This was adapted from Waterway Guide’s Cruising Club Newsletter.
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