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UNAVAILABLE - Boat dock in privately owned canal - Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach, Florida - FL, United States


No land access, just dockage. My trust owns the canal which is located between the street named 'Tropical Shores Way' and the Fort Myers Beach Recreation center. We own JUST the canal. We are making available for rent here the dock which is located behind 106/108 Tropical Shores Way. There is a courtesy dock just about 60 feet away on the opposite side of the canal from this dock. Many live aboards use the courtesy dock to access the street and then proceed to buy food, supplies, Etc. Our property line starts at the seawall, so you will have use of the entire dock. However, it would be advisable to get permission from the owner of the house to walk across the yard. So, this is a very unique situation. We are pricing low to gauge interest.

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26.449757 / -81.941675

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