Bimini Cove Resort & Marina

South Bimini, Bimini, Bahamas

A Bahamian Paradise at Bimini Cove Resort and Marina

Bimini Cove Resort and Marina is a stunning destination nestled on one of the Bahamas' most beloved islands. The resort-style facility is located in South Bimini on Bimini Island in the Bahamas and is a widely visited marina by cruisers, sailors and fisherman alike. Bimini Cove is a fully protected deep water marina, providing 8-foot entry even at low tide. The marina is surrounded by a gorgeous condominium complex that features private condos available for rent if you prefer to stay ashore. Bimini Cove hosts a wide array of outstanding amenities to guests including complimentary WiFi, a provisioned Ships Store, restroom, shower and laundry facilities and more! During your stay, you are encouraged to relax poolside or take a dip into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean from the marinas private beach. For a taste of Bahamas, head over to the properties timeless restaurant — Petite Conch. The restaurant features a lengthy menu full of Caribbean inspired cuisine and fresh seafood. From the moment you cruise into the beautiful entryway to Bimini Cove Resort and Marina, you will be engulfed in your own little piece of paradise!

PLEASE NOTE: Cost for power will be settled directly with marina management upon departure from your stay.

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  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Pet Friendly
  • Grills
  • WiFi
  • Ship Store
  • Laundry
  • Gas
  • Groceries Nearby
  • Snack Shop
  • Ice
  • Diesel
  • Bars/Clubs On-Site
  • Floating Docks
  • Swimming Pool
  • Hotel/Lodging On-Site
  • Beaches
  • Transportation
  • Liveaboard


25.710542 / -79.300651

List Your Slip!

Snag-A-Slip mirrors the marina’s individual cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or modify your reservation, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you!

Power Note: Cost for power will be settled directly with marina management upon departure from your stay.

Waterway Guide Review

Lisa on January 25th, 2023:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Once Around Power 41 ft 3.5 ft

No rating. Just a comment that they are closed until May 1 2023

Waterway Guide Review

Mark on July 18th, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Luv’n Life Power 40 ft 4.5 ft

Where do I start. All the marinas in Bimini are in disrepair and rough condition. This place at least has floating docks. Rates this week were $3.25 a foot. Water 35 cents a gallon. 30/50 amp is $30 /day. Twin 50's at seperate posts is $60/day. Diesel this week is $7.39, gas even higher. There is no WiFi except in their office. Hailing the marina on 68 upon arrival is hit and miss. Restrooms are very scarce here. There are some at the pool or office, that is it. Depending on where you dock, it's a hike. The power at the marina has gone out 2 nights in a row. Last night, no power for 5 hours. Was not able to clear customs at the marina. I had to take the ferry to North Bimini and start the entire process at Big Game Club. We arrived at 1:15 PM and didn't clear until 6:30 pm… unacceptable. There was no one else in line! As of now you no longer have an option to complete Customs using paper. It is ONLY done using their Click2Clear web site. It is awful. The Customs office had a laptop that you could use but it was broken. Our only option was using our cell phones. The Customs office has no WiFi. We used Big Game Club WiFi . The web site keeps locking up and each time you start over. Entry payment of $300 is only accepted on Click2Clear also. They seem to be doing nothing to facilitate tourism.

Waterway Guide Review

May 9th, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Heliopause Power 56 ft 4.3 ft

Stayed here for 3 weeks in April 22. Infinity pool is open. Small pool is closed. Great place to stay for a quieter experience in Bimini. No rock from winds like in North Bimini. Ferry is $3.00 / person to North bimini. Take your bikes and easily bike the entire island ???? beaches are clean, restrooms and laundry clean.

Waterway Guide Review

May 9th, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Heliopause Power 56 ft 4.3 ft

Markers coming and going in Bimini are accurate. Do not go out of channel or you will be aground. The shoals are real.

Waterway Guide Review

Jeremy on April 3rd, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
River Girl Power 49 ft 5.0 ft

They have dug out most of the entrance sand bar - digger still on site so depths may change. Still favor upper half of tide cycle if 5' or more draft.
Best to call on phone, don't expect any assistance docking, but the marina is more than 1/2 empty so you basically choose a slip. Floating concrete in good shape with repairs in evidence & some new ones being installed. The basin is very protected except for direct W swells, no current so self docking is easy.
Marina will arrange a shuttle to the airport for customs & immigration ($10 return). Less crowded, much faster check in than N. Bimini.
Restaurant, tiki bar & 1 pool was still closed for our visit, but they have guests in;the condos, repairs and sprucing up evident everywhere so expect improvements. It is a very convenient stop to check in and then carry on to Berrys/ Nassau etc. without the wake and party noise on N. Bimini.

Waterway Guide Review

KDN on May 16th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Fortunate 2 Power 47 ft 5.0 ft

We are staying at another marina in Bimini and thought we would take advantage of the $150.00 flat rate so we took the dingy over to check it out and see about moving our boat. When we arrived there was only 3 boats in the whole marina. They said that the $150.00 flat rate was only during the Covid lockdown and the rate is $2.75 per foot. We inquired about giving us a discounted weekly rate since there were only 3 boats in the whole marina. They said, "No Way, that doesn't matter!" they said if we wanted to come over that "Maybe" they would give us a 10% discount at the end of our stay. Needless to say, we won't be docking there.
Unbelievable, and they wonder why their marina is empty, go figure.

Waterway Guide Review

Pirate on May 3rd, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Just Us Power 52 ft 4.6 ft

If you call they just tell you to show up? Don't expect anyone to help with lines. Luckily they have floating docks with cleats. Docks are in need of repair. Pool is empty, under construction. Bath house, under construction, no hot water. Supposed restaurant only open a few hour in afternoon, but she decided to go home early the day we were there. We were ready for the 7:00am opening of the fuel dock. When the attendant arrived he informed us that he only had a small amount of fuel and that it would be wasting our time.

Waterway Guide Review

Cheryl on January 31st, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Millennium Sea Sail 36 ft 6.0 ft

We tried to contact the marina when getting close but did not get a response. The 888 # was not answered but later tried the restaurant local # and got an answer.
The weekly special rate is $150 with water and electric extra. Both pools were not operating and the shops and restaurant were empty but it is peaceful and well protected from all weather.

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