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Shadows Marina

Poughkeepsie, New York - NY, United States

A Gorgeous Getaway on the Hudson River at Shadows Marina

Shadows Marina is located on the banks of the Hudson River in scenic Duchess County, which is a convenient 90 minutes from both New York City and Albany. This prime location provides boaters with a one-of-a-kind, truly grand view of the Mid-Hudson bridge to the north and miles of open river to the south. Poughkeepsie is on the National Registry of Historic Places and offers fine dining, historic landmarks, boutiques, beautiful parks and much much more.

Along with its gorgeous views and natural scenery, Shadows Marina has fantastic amenities to offer to its boaters to make this an even more memorable experience. They have pristine laundry and showering facilities, perfect for making sure that you can clean up after your time on the water. There is a restaurant onsite for your convenience, perfect for grabbing a relaxing bite to eat without having to stray far from your slip. There are also additional restaurants and bars close by if you're looking for a more upbeat atmosphere. Either way, you definitely won't leave this marina hungry!

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41.697974 / -73.939951

Shadows Marina

Poughkeepsie, New York - NY, United States


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Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Roger on July 28th, 2023:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Slack Tide Power 34 ft 3.0 ft

Yesterday i came in here in a driving rain. Keith brought me in got me secured on the dock with the help of two other boaters who just offered help. I watched as they did the same for three other boats coming in through driving rain and lightening. The docks are excellent the restaurant on site is good with a spectacular view.
As mentioned the restrooms are in a trailer but very clean. The place is a great little stop but not a sight seeing stop. Although the natural scenery is good from the dock.

Waterway Guide Review

Gary on May 21st, 2023:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Lady Barbara Power 76 ft 5.0 ft

Great marina, great restaurant, Keith is terrific, good water at dock, great docks, cleats are terrific as they slide to where you want or need them, very good idea.

Waterway Guide Review

DeeDee on August 31st, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
War Eagle Power 34 ft 3.0 ft

Nice marina and excellent harbor master who even adjusted the cleats for us. Marina is subject to strong currents and wind. Trailer with restrooms and showers. Restaurant on site but did not eat there. Uber to Culinary Institute of America was the highlight here.

Waterway Guide Review

Jib on June 29th, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Make It So Power 42 ft 4.2 ft

We just spent three nights at this dock, and I must say that we enjoyed our stay. Captain Keith was great, and yes, he even offered to bring us breakfast if he stops for his breakfast. Fair enough. We do come in under heavy winds, but Captain Keith was really helpful with our docking. They do have modern floating docks with adjustable cleats, full 120 V power and good water. On the negative side, the showers and toilets are in a portable trailer, and my wife took one look and said "no way". That was the end of that. We took an Uber to the Vanderbilt house, FDR's house, and had a great meal at the Culinary Institute of America. Missing the CIA would be a mistake. Additionally, the train depo is 15 minutes away and the downtown area has plenty of restaurants. Worth a day or two. Tell Captain Keith we said hello.

Waterway Guide Review

Peter on June 13th, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Dreamcatcher Power 34 ft 2.9 ft

Aside from the positive comments about Keith, I have to disagree with the previous reviews. We docked in a 15+kt wind against the substantial current producing a two-foot chop through the marina. The floating docks in 40 feet of water do not attenuate the waves. We docked safely only because of Keith's skills with the help of three fellow boaters on the docks, then spent the night bouncing. The small heads/showers are located in a trailer. There's nothing of interest in walking distance, and nothing of interest that can't be reached from other marinas by car or Uber. We will not stop here again.

Waterway Guide Review

David & on June 8th, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Blueshift Power 49 ft 4.0 ft

Captain Keith has professional seamanship skills and enough wry humor to keep you from feeling inadequate. Modern floating docks with adjustable cleats and plenty of smooth dock side for fenders to protect you from occasional wakes. Full 120 Volt power at pedestals along with high pressure 135 ppm fresh water, but no fuel or pump out. Easy access to Hyde Park by public or hired transport. We rode through a small storm with 30 mph winds and rough water with no problems.

Waterway Guide Review

John on May 24th, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Wicked Good Power 48 ft 5.5 ft

Loved our stay at Shadows Marina! The docks are first class; the power really good; fresh water excellent. Two things really make this marina - 1) Capt. Keith the dock master! What a guy! So helpful and expedient in helping us dock; will pick breakfast up for you if you'd like (as long as it's where he's getting his breakfast ;) - spins a great yarn and lots of laughs. 2) the Shadows restaurant is excellent! The hilltop view of the Hudson is fabulous as is the decor. The food is as good as the view! Will definitely stop here again!

Waterway Guide Review

Gary on September 27th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Lady Barbara Power 76 ft 5.0 ft

Absolutely first class, great floating docks, good power, 2 x 50, fresh water, nothing I can add about Capt. Keith, he is one of the reasons I come here. 45' of water at outside docks. Easy in & out paralleling the river. Restaurant is excellent. I will continue to stop here on a continual basis.

Waterway Guide Review

July 27th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Just Lucky Power 0 ft 0.0 ft

Captain Keith could not be more accommodating, helping us into marina during swift tide. Got us ice, gave directions on things to do in area. Restaurant is beautiful, inside bar gorgeous with outside bar as well. Would stay here again

Waterway Guide Review

Wade on June 17th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Irish Lass Power 45 ft 4.0 ft

Pro: Modern floating docks, good water and power, Capt Keith is super helpful. Locals and transients mix well. The restaurant is very good. Good access to town. Price is right. Good dog walking.
Con: Shoreside services consist of one 3-room toilet/shower trailer and 2 trash barrels. Tidal current can be challenging at times. No breakwater. Docks get rolly in wind and wakes.

Conclusion: Worth a stop in good weather. Leave your ego below and let Capt Keith coach you thru entrance/exit at high current, He really knows his stuff. (He had us back into the entrance, bow to the current, and taught us to crab sideways into our slip. Wow)

Waterway Guide Review

Rob on May 25th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Liberty Call Power 46 ft 4.5 ft

Great marina with a 5 star restaurant. Best meal on the great loop so far. Keith is excellent at helping get a boat in under rough conditions. He also took the time to go over our plans for the transit north and the Erie Canal. We learned a lot from his experience. So many great places to take the dog on a long walk.

Waterway Guide Review

Gary on May 16th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Lady Barbara Power 76 ft 5.0 ft

First class Marina, Great docks, great power, great dockmaster, Kevin is a pro. Food at restaurant was very good.

Waterway Guide Review

Malcolm on July 25th, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
First Light Power 37 ft 4.0 ft

Shadows would get a 5 star if not for its exposure to wakes and the river's current. The docks are new and Keith the dock master knows his marina and is a good at guiding you in and out when the current is running. Shadows restaurant at the top of the dock is first rate.

Waterway Guide Review

Diane on October 26th, 2018:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Boatel Power 65 ft 6.0 ft

5-star service. The dockmaster Keith is the best...so helpful. Great service, beautiful new solid docks, stunning view and great restaurant nearby. Loved it.

Waterway Guide Review

Howard on October 6th, 2017:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Sea Bee Power 45 ft 5.0 ft

This place was fabulous! 5 starts doesn't do it justice.

The docks are in great shape, the wifi is excellent, and the power is good. Of special importance is the dockmaster, Keith. He is super knowledgeable about everything marine, and is always willing to help. I needed some diesel fuel in a can to use changing my Racor filters, and he drove to the gas station to pick some up for me. What service!!!

We docked on the outside dock, and there was an occasional wake from passing barges, but it was just fine for us in a 45 foot boat.

We will definitely stop here again.

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