Harbor Island Marina

Solomons, Maryland - MD, United States

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Getaway to Harbor Island Marina on Solomons Island

Harbor Island Marina on Solomons Island, Maryland is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Located along the western shores of the Chesapeake Bay, this marina is a great place for fishing, cruising or even just lounging around the docks. With the Charles Street Brasserie Restaurant and night club on the property, you don't have to go far for great cuisine, upbeat music and delicious cocktails. There is an additional Tiki Bar just west of the marina for some additional nightlife fun! Clean showering facilities, a lounge, cable and WIFI are available to the boaters when you are in need of some downtime. There is even a gift shop filled with fun little knick knacks to remember your stay on the Island.

Among all the other great amenities and activities offered at Harbor Island Marina, it is also a full-service marina with haul-out capabilities. With boat repairs, bottom painting, engine maintenance, welding services and shrink wrapping available to its boaters, this marina has it all. Pump-out facilities and a fuel dock with available gas and diesel are conveniently situation on the property as well. Have a do-it yourself task in mind? Not to worry because the marina even has a designated space for you to complete those projects as well. The onsite Ships Store is stocked with all the goodies you'll need to keep your boat clean and humming.

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  • Bathhouse
  • Bars/Clubs Nearby
  • Diesel
  • Gas
  • Lounge On-Site
  • Picnic Area
  • Provisions
  • Pump-Out
  • Restaurant On-Site
  • Restaurant Nearby
  • Water Taxi
  • Tiki Bar
  • Towing
  • WiFi
  • Boat Service
  • Ice
  • Fuel
  • Charters On-Site
  • Ship Store
  • Snack Shop
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Travel Lift
  • Retail Nearby
  • Town Nearby


38.319547 / -76.455249

Harbor Island Marina

Solomons, Maryland - MD, United States



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Cancellation Policy: This marina has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please contact Snag-A-Slip or the marina at least 24 hours prior to your stay to receive a full refund.

Check In/ Check Out Policy: This marina will allow check in anytime during the scheduled arrival. Check out is anytime before 1:00 pm.

Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Anonymous on October 14th, 2021:

Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Sailboat 34 ft 5 ft

Very small marina. Dock was dirty & a bit slimy. We tried hailing on the radio, channel 16 to no avail. Called & was told Lenny was just returning from taking someone to the grocery store. Lenny was helpful tying up the boat, but on the way to show me where the bathrooms & code to get in, he received a call he had to take. Then he left. I had to call him for the bathroom code. Another boater gave us the wifi password.

A Note from the Marina:

We purchased Harbor Island Marina in 1970, over 51 years ago, so some of the docks are old, but they are well maintained and safe. They are not dirty or slimy. Not sure what the reviewer meant by the 'slimy' description. We have three stationary VHF radios at the marina - one in the dock house, one in the marina office and one that can be heard throughout the marina boat yard. Rarely, we may not be within earshot of customer's hailing of the marina. Nowadays, more often than not, customers will call my cell phone in lieu of hailing. Prior to their arrival that day, I had been talking with 'Happenstance' via my cell phone and had been unaware of their hailing on the radio. Upon their arrival, when 'Happenstance' was told that I was 'taking someone to the grocery store', I was returning from taking another transient customer to the grocery store that had arrived earlier that day. I often go out of my way to accommodate transient customer's needs. The customer had not provided their ETA information in their reservation request, so I did not know what time of the day that 'Happenstance' was due to arrive at our facility. Shortly after Happenstance was fully docked, tied and secure, I went to their boat to provide them with the marina bath code and WIFI password, but they were not on board their boat at that time. I knew that they could call me on my cell phone, if they wanted that information.

Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

walter on September 27th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Queen CIndy Powerboat 38 ft 3 ft
Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Wendy on August 5th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Kachin Mana Sailboat 45 ft 6 ft
Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Ryan on June 28th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Viridian Sailboat 37 ft 5 ft
Waterway Guide Review

Tom on May 26th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Orion Power 43 ft 4.5 ft

From a Transient Boater’s perspective this can barely fit the term marina. It appears to be a part of a working boatyard with project boats and live-aboards filling many of the slips. However, there is a long face dock with room for two or three transient boats in conjunction with the fuel and pump out facilities. At the time of our stay they were not selling fuel and we did not use the pump out. This is an aging fixed dock so lower your expectations. That said, there are a number of positives here. It is super easy to get in and out of with a side tie to boot. It is literally the first marina in the harbor. Charles Street Brasserie restaurant is right at the end of the dock. It is a worthy dining experience. Next door is the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and across the street is the popular Tiki Bar. To sum it up this is a pretty pedestrian marina in a great location.

Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Troy on October 5th, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
One More Powerboat 44 ft 4 ft
Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Torsten on August 28th, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Noelani Powerboat 48 ft 4 ft

Friendly staff. All functioning well, although a somewhat “tired” marina. A decent meal at the restaurant made up for a good stay.

Waterway Guide Review

Kim on July 29th, 2020:

Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Sail 31 ft 4.0 ft

Easy access and friendly service. They had everything we needed. The crab cakes from the restaurant were excellent. The sunset was stunning. Thank you very much!

Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Richard on July 10th, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
TBD Sailboat 25 ft 5 ft

Did not need the slip after all, but staff is very responsive and helpful.

Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Ali on July 4th, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Sunsetview II Powerboat 31 ft 3 ft
Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

eric on June 27th, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Carpe Diem Powerboat 45 ft 4 ft
Waterway Guide Review

Jeff on April 26th, 2019:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
S/V Fncy Free Sail 34 ft 5.0 ft

Good protection, easy in and out of the bay. Stopped for the night. Unlike some other reviews, Lenny was accommodating, both after answering the phone and being there when we arrived. Fuel dock was under renovation and expected to be complete soon. Bath/showers adequate but needs updating. The restaurant on site was great! Overall, not bad.

Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Larry on June 28th, 2018:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Splendor Hyaline Sail 40 ft 5.0 ft

Used Snag-A- Slip and had confirmation. Upon arrival no one at dock and had to go somewhere else. Harbor master had family emergency and other staff was off. No one answered ch 16 or phone number when called.

A Note from the Marina:

Marina reply:

I had a family medical emergency earlier on the same day of the Snag-A-Slip customer's reservation and so, I had to leave the marina unattended for a couple of hours. The dock master to be on duty that day, asked me the previous day, if he could have the next day off - the same day as the customer's reservation. I gave him permission to take the day off. I believed that I would be available to attend to the dock. I did not know the ETA (arrival time) for the dockage customer, but there was plenty of space available on the docks. So, I did not have the dock covered when he arrived. I assumed that the customer would tie his boat on the main dock or somewhere and stay until someone showed to give slip assignment.

When I arrived at the marina shortly thereafter, I called and apologized and explained the situation to him. Of course, I gladly authorized Snag-A-Slip to refund the customer's money.

Leonard Schultz
President - Harbor Island Marina, Inc.

Waterway Guide Review

Jani on May 29th, 2018:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Parker Sail 31 ft 4.0 ft

Stopped for diesel. Pump was easy to access and the price was good. Dockmaster provided lots of history and useful information on the island.