Darien River Waterfront Park & Docks

Darien, Georgia - GA, United States

Darien River Waterfront Park & Docks Is A Great Stop Along Your Southern Journey

Darien River Waterfront Park & Docks in Darien, Georgia is a pleasant stop along the Darien River, right in front of the local city waterfront park. You can find this marina along the northern banks of the Darien River in the heart of downtown Darien, 7 nautical miles off of the AICW. This conveniently located marina has just what you need to make you feel right at home, including internet access, and more! While docked, keep an eye out for Darien’s colorful shrimp boat fleet, which will sell you delicious, fresh shrimp right off their boats! Darien River Waterfront Park & Docks is also close to a grocery store, hardware store as well as many restaurants and shopping. For a day off the boat Click Here to Visit step back into history and visit nearby historic sites like Fort King George, the Butler Plantation and rice fields, old churches, cemeteries, and other monuments. Right from the Darien Waterfront Park, you’ll be able to enjoy festivals that happen year round. Darien River Waterfront Park & Docks offers 4 boat slips for boaters to dock, so be sure to snag your slip early! If you’re boating through Darien this season, make a stop at this marina! Book your slip today on Snag-A-Slip!

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  • Town Nearby
  • WiFi
  • Restaurant Nearby
  • Ice
  • Ship Store
  • Hotel/Lodging Nearby
  • Bars/Clubs Nearby
  • Snack Shop
  • Groceries Nearby
  • Post Office Within 1 Mile
  • ATM
  • Disability Access
  • Bank Nearby
  • Retail Nearby
  • Pet Friendly
  • Floating Docks


31.36793 / -81.4351

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Cancellation Policy: This marina has a 24 hr cancellation notice policy. Please contact Snag-A-Slip at hello@snagaslip.com if you need to cancel your reservation

Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Nenita on May 24th, 2024:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Summertime Powerboat 40 ft 4 ft

We had a nice stay. There are many restaurants in the vicinity. We rode our bikes to the grocery store a couple miles away. The dock master, Dan, is very informative and helpful!

Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Thomas on April 29th, 2024:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Knot Racing Powerboat 43 ft 5 ft

It was a great experience. Will do it again as soon as possible.Thanks to the staff for being available & helpful.

Waterway Guide Review

Janet on April 20th, 2023:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Fulmar Sail 37 ft 5.5 ft

We lived in Darien for several years. As others have noted, the outgoing current is absolutely wicked. We can only navigate during an incoming tide. Nearby you will find: Skippers Fish Camp, a Mexican restaurant, a wine bar, a fancy resort hotel with fancy prices, the Canopy restaurant (A+), Fort King George State Park (~1 mile walk), The Market (great source for fresh shrimp or the dockmaster can hook you up), and Coastal Market grocery (~2 miles). Recommend confirming vacancy before trekking upstream, the docks are often full. No bathroom or showers.

Waterway Guide Review

Capt. on June 6th, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Dawn Watch Power 40 ft 3.0 ft

Stayed overnight. Lot of debris around all the boats so opted to not use bow thruster. No power available as other boats were using the pedistals. Nice dinner in town and B&Js.

Waterway Guide Review

Graham on May 21st, 2022:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Lady Morgana Power 32 ft 4.5 ft

Not accepting transients right now.
Was there 30 months ago, zero facilities, shared a 30 amp with a generous sailboater.
Tricky 5 miles off ICW and can be a nasty current upon arrival.
Hard to tell who operates this "facility"
Why is South Georgia so devoid of marinas ?

Verified Snag-A-Slip Stay

Ashley on November 7th, 2021:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Coastal Mover Powerboat 41 ft 4 ft
Waterway Guide Review

Herbert L on October 9th, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Blewtooth Sail 25 ft 4.3 ft

They were very helpful and the dockage was inexpensive. Fort King George is a short bike ride away and several good restaurants. Also a hardware store that has some marine items is just a couple of blocks from the marina.

Waterway Guide Review

Marc on March 22nd, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Cramina 2 Sail 27 ft 4.0 ft

Not expensive and the city will help you if you need to go to the store. No showers nor bathrooms. Flooding up the river at that time made it difficult to get there.

Waterway Guide Review

Captain J on February 3rd, 2020:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Idle Time Power 32 ft 4.0 ft

Docked for Super Bowl Sunday on east side of bridge. 30/50 amp power and water. Pelican Pizza will make you a good pie and supply a bucket of beer. Really strong tides; two guys fishing on the dock helped out getting us tied up.

Waterway Guide Review

James on September 11th, 2018:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
CaiLiegh Anna Sail 34 ft 5.8 ft

You will not find friendlier or more accommodating folks anywhere on the ICW than Darien. For clarification there are two independently operated sets of docks in Darien. Below or east of the bridge the docks are operated by the McIntosh County Industrial Development Authority. Above or west of the bridge the dock is owned by the City of Darien.

The first docks approached as arriving in Darien will be the McInstosh County Industrial Development Authority Docks. Although these docks were free with complementary water and electricity for a number of years, they now cost $1.00 per foot per night and that includes water and electricity. There is now a dockmaster available for most times of the day. Just contact Teresa at the Authority office M-F at 912-437-6659 or Capt Wynn Gale at 912-223-6821 after hours or weekends. Capt Gale is a local shrimper and can answer any question about local services as well as navigational advice.
31°22'03.9"N 81°26'08.2"W

The Highway 17 fixed bridge (31' vertical clearance) adjacent to and west of the McIntosh County Industrial Authority Docks. On the other side of the bridge is the City of Darien Dock that is still a free dock with a 6 hour limit of use. This dock is unattended and does not offer water or electricity. Contact The City of Darien at (912) 437-6686 for additional information.
31°22'04.8"N 81°26'14.5"W

A park, restaurants, marine hardware store, bank, post office, fuel and convenience store are located within an easy walk of both docks. A grocery store is located 1.26 miles from the docks. Since Darien is the shrimping capitol of Georgia Capt Wynn can advise you where to purchase fresh shrimp if they are in season.

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