The Heartland

Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana

Many people may not realize how much boating happens in the Heartland, but it's a great boating destination!

Scores of inland waterways run from the Great Lakes down to the Gulf - including the Mississippi River, Ten-Tom waterway and Cumberland River. A prime connection point for boaters on the Great Loop, the Heartland welcomes transients to come and explore its freshwater rivers and lakes as a stopping point on the journey - or a destination in and of itself! Snag-A-Slip is a free, online boat slip reservation site where you can explore awesome marinas in The Heartland and rent boat slips easily. If you are charting your course or you want to see our marinas on a map, click the interactive map button above!

Although The Hawkeye State is landlocked from oceans and seas, there's still plenty to do with your vessel on a lake or river. Iowa is bounded entirely by rivers to the east and west, and the Des Moines River can be found at the south end of the state. Iowa also offers manmade and natural lakes. No matter where you are in the state, a navigable body of water is only a few hours' drive, which is great for day trips and even multiday voyages up the great Mississippi River. Explore all that Iowa has to offer on lakes and rivers today!

Bluff Harbor Marina

Burlington, Iowa - IA, United States


Missouri offers an exceptional boating experience with its diverse waterways that cater to every preference. From the tranquil lakes nestled within the Ozarks to the majestic Mississippi River, boating enthusiasts can revel in a variety of settings. Whether you seek serene fishing spots, thrilling water sports, or simply a leisurely cruise, Missouri's expansive array of water bodies promises a memorable adventure for all boating enthusiasts.

Wide Catamaran Slip For Rent

West Alton, Missouri - MO, United States


Embarking on a boating adventure in Illinois unveils a captivating blend of urban and natural landscapes. With the iconic Chicago skyline adorning the shores of Lake Michigan and the peaceful waters of the Illinois River winding through picturesque countryside, the state offers an unparalleled boating experience. Boaters can indulge in everything from lively water-based events to serene outings, making Illinois a versatile haven for those seeking aquatic exploration.

The Alton Marina

Alton, Illinois - IL, United States

$1.50/ft - $1.70/ft

Home to a number of lakes and inland waterways, this state is no slouch when it comes to having some fun on the water. Boaters cruising the Tennessee River, or making their way through the Great Loop, should check out Kentucky Lake, which is a convenient stop that boasts 2380 Miles of shoreline and 160,000 acres of water.

Eddy Creek Marina Resort

Eddyville, Kentucky - KY, United States



Kentucky Dam Marina

Gilbertsville, Kentucky - KY, United States


Green Turtle Bay Resort & Marina

Grand Rivers, Kentucky - KY, United States

$1.21 - $1.55/ft

Tennessee is home to two major boating waterways, including the Ten-Tom Waterway and the Cumberland River. Boaters on the Great Loop will find the Tennessee waterways to be full of great destinations, including Nashville, which is a must stop for a festive party on the route!

Commodore Yacht Club

Nashville, Tennessee - TN, United States


Norris Landing Marina

Tazewell, Tennessee - TN, United States

$2.50 - $3.50/ft

Grand Harbor Marina and Resort

Counce, Tennessee - TN, United States