Aquamarina Palm Harbour

Cape Haze, Florida - FL, United States

A Stunning Getaway at Aquamarina Palm Harbour

Aquamarina Palm Harbour is a beautiful resort-style facility nestled on the sparkling shores of the Gulf Coast of Florida. Located in Cape Haze, Florida, from the moment you cruise up to the docks, you will feel like you are in your own tropical paradise. The friendly staff will be there to greet you and get you settled into your slip safely. Once situated, there are endless activities and amenities to enjoy throughout your stay. The pet friendly property is home to resort-style amenities including private showering and restroom facilities, a laundry area, a guest lounge, and a gorgeous swimming pool. In the mood to grill with the family? There is a fantastic picnic area completed with grills, perfect for a homestyle BBQ while overlooking the harbor. If you prefer a meal with a little less work, Leverock's Restaurant onsite is known for their delicious food and cold cocktails. In addition to having so much on site, Aquamarina Palm Harbour is minutes to even more amenities in the nearby town. You will truly have everything that you need and more during your vacation at Palm Harbour. Read more about dock and dine at Aquamarina Palm Harbour.

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  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Pet Friendly
  • Retail Nearby
  • Boat Service
  • Grills
  • Travel Lift
  • Town Nearby
  • Ship Store
  • WiFi
  • Gas
  • Picnic Area
  • Hotel/Lodging Nearby
  • Pump-Out
  • Laundry
  • Snack Shop
  • Diesel
  • Lounge On-Site
  • Ice
  • Restaurant On-Site
  • Winter Storage
  • Cable TV
  • Drop-In/Haul Out Services
  • Dry Storage
  • Swimming Pool
  • Security
  • Golf Within 5 Miles
  • Event Space
  • Medical Facilities Within 5 Miles
  • Hot Tub
  • Disability Access
  • Bath


26.870723 / -82.309044

Aquamarina Palm Harbour

Cape Haze, Florida - FL, United States

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Waterway Guide Review

Emike on November 4th, 2019:

Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
Power 30 ft 4.0 ft

I had my boat in the marina for over 5 years, and transitioned with the marina from private owned to corporate owned marina. Very poor Management has driven this marina down. They added hidden extra fees on every stored boat ; you will have to pay extra to get your boat flushed or covered, or cleaned or charged. $150-330 a month, extra. As a result they refused to cover my boat which resulted in rust and dripping from stored boat above it .Very scary boat service practice; be aware of asking you to do unneeded extra repair on your boat, I''ll not trust any advice on service without external mechanic.
Finally when I hired outside electrician to check some circuit they asked to charge there high service rate, he explained his frustration that this is the only marina with that unacceptable practice .
Good location for a transit, but be aware for long term. Definitely non trust worthy service and management.

Waterway Guide Review

pmtch on March 7th, 2019:

Vessel Name Boat Type Vessel LOA Vessel Draft
PM Power 40 ft 3.0 ft

Just to share my recent experience at AquaMarina:
We have had some service work done on our boat by AquaMarina a few months ago. Immediately after the work was performed the boat was launched and a very obvious high pitch noise was present on the port side. AquaMarina was not able to resolve the issue and went so far as to suggest the noise probably existed prior to the work they did. I told them I was the original owner of the boat, purchasing it new in 2003, and that this boat never had this issue. Their response was that they had no proof of that----what an insult! Management then proceeded to tell me that they were done working on the boat (as obviously they could not resolve the problem they introduced and were unwilling to take ownership).
We were forced to bring the boat elsewhere since AquaMarina would not stand behind their work. The high pitch noise was resolved in 1 day by the second Marina. The problem which caused the high pitch sound was in the exact area that AquaMarina worked on!!!
The repair cost at the other Marina cost me $4,000, not to mention the service fees AquaMarina charged me. We also lost 2 months of boat use and wasted 2 months of slip fees while docked at AquaMarina. When I explained to the Management at AquaMarina that the repair work performed by the other Marina fixed the problem, and that they worked on the exact same area which AquaMarina worked on, their comment was that they would not reimburse me for any cost incurred or provide compensation for any storage fee at their Marina, let alone reimburse me for the work they did which had to be corrected elsewhere. This was by far the worst customer support I have ever experienced.
On another note, 7 days after the boat was put in her slip at AquaMarina it was hit by a transient attempting to dock, causing over $3,500 in damage to my bow. While this obviously was not the fault of AquaMarina, I believe the fairways to be pretty tight to maneuver around, and even more difficult when they place transients with large boats alongside certain docks- thus narrowing the channel and further reducing maneuverability. My understanding from some fellow boaters is that they often have to fend off to protect their boats from being hit by other boats.
We have since left this Marina as we felt that Management did not stand behind the work they performed on our boat, cost us a lot of lost time and money to get it correctly fixed, and treated us quite poorly from a customer support standpoint. We also were concerned that chances are, if the boat was hit in just 7 days in her new slip, most likely it was going to happen again due to what I believe to be tight channels that are difficult to maneuver.