Great Lakes

Lake Ontario, The Georgian Bay, Lake Simcoe, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, and Lake St. Clair.

Did you know that the Great Lakes region is the #1 boating destination in the U.S.?

The sheer size of this territory affords boaters a whole world of fun and a number of diverse places to explore on the water. In fact, the Great Lakes region includes nearly 11,000 miles of United States and Canada shoreline, and spans more than 94,000 square miles of water. The territory is comprised of six lakes: Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior and Lake St. Clair. These lakes are surrounded by eight U.S. states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin), as well as Ontario and Québec. From pristine wilderness and crystal clear waters, to waterfront beaches in major cities, the Great Lakes truly offer something great for every kind of boater. Snag-A-Slip is a free, online boat slip reservation site where you can explore awesome marinas in the Great Lakes and rent boat slips easily. If you are charting your course or you want to see our marinas on a map, click the interactive map button above!

Be it the Bay’s size, or its reputation, this boating region stands on its own. You can spend a whole summer exploring the Georgian Bay, and you won’t even scratch the surface. Home to some of the best fresh water cruising in the world, boaters and sailors alike flock to the Georgian Bay to explore all of its vast offerings. Stroll through charming waterfront towns, eat oysters in Beausoleil, cruise around the 30,000 islands, view stunning wildlife, swim in crystal clear waters and much more. This is one for the bucket list, friends!

The lake sits to the East of Lake Michigan and spans both U.S. and Canadian coastline. Lake Huron is known for its excellent cruising itineraries, including a trip through the Straits of Mackinac and into the North Channel, which is famous for its many small islands, hidden beaches, remote areas and the freshest of waters. Boaters planning a cruise in Lake Huron should stop in Tobermory, Ontario, a great harbor town, and take some time to enjoy the adjoining Georgian Bay.

Lake Michigan is the second largest Great Lake by volume and the only Great Lake sheltered entirely by the U.S. Boaters looking for a city adventure will love a stop in Chicago and Michigan City, both of which are located on the southern tip of the lake. Cruisers looking for a beach experience will enjoy a trip from St. Joseph-Benton Harbor to Silver Lake Sand Dunes - but be sure to stop at Saugatuk, Grand Haven and Muskegon along the way!

Lake Ontario is the Eastern-most Great Lake and is surrounded on the north, west, and southwest by Ontario, and on the south and east by New York. From the historical destinations, to the national treasures, and the beautiful islands to the great harbor towns, boating on Lake Ontario is an experience of a lifetime.

Boaters and sailors looking for a big city experience and some rock 'n roll, can check out Cleveland. Looking for small town charm and beautiful islands? Be sure to plan a visit the quaint towns of Erieau and Leamington on the Canadian side of the lake. Party-goers will want to visit Put-In Bay, Ohio while amusement park seekers should visit Sandusky! Last, but not least, Lake Erie is a gateway to Lake Huron and the Detroit River.

Nestled between Lake Erie and Lake Huron, Lake St. Clair is home to over 430 square miles of water and 160 miles of stunning shoreline. There are additional islands and bays around the Lake that you can visit when cruising around. These must-sees include Strawberry Island, Gull Island, Cross Pointe Sandbar, Anchor Bay and Big Muscamoot Bay. The boating opportunities on Lake St. Clair are endless - and the Lake St. Clair marinas are ready to welcome you!

Just an hour so from the Greater Toronto area, Lake Simcoe is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike who enjoy its pristine waters and charming beaches. Boaters and sailors will enjoy the lively lake community, which hosts plenty of regattas and poker runs throughout the summer. Adventurers and historians will want to plan a trip to Georgina Island, home to the Chippewas, to learn about the tribe's history and walk the preserved nature paths.