Many people may not realize how much boating happens in the Heartland, but it's a great boating destination!

Scores of inland waterways run from the Great Lakes down to the Gulf - including the Mississippi River, Ten-Tom waterway and Cumberland River. A prime connection point for boaters on the Great Loop, the Heartland welcomes transients to come and explore its freshwater rivers and lakes as a stopping point on the journey - or a destination in and of itself! Snag-A-Slip is a free, online boat slip reservation site where you can explore awesome marinas in The Heartland and rent boat slips easily. If you are charting your course or you want to see our marinas on a map, click the interactive map button above!

Price Match Guarantee
Eddy Creek Marina Resort

Eddyville, Kentucky - KY, United States



Kentucky Dam Marina

Gilbertsville, Kentucky - KY, United States

Commodore Yacht Club

Nashville, Tennessee - TN, United States


Bluff Harbor Marina

Burlington, Iowa - IA, United States


Norris Landing Marina

Tazewell, Tennessee - TN, United States

$2.50 - $3.50/ft

Green Turtle Bay Resort & Marina

Grand Rivers, Kentucky - KY, United States

$1.21 - $1.55/ft

The Alton Marina

Alton, Illinois - IL, United States

$1.50/ft - $1.70/ft

Grand Harbor Marina and Resort

Counce, Tennessee - TN, United States


Heritage Harbor Marina

Ottawa, Illinois - IL, United States