Sharks Cove Marina

Selbyville, Fenwick Island, Delaware - DE, United States

A perfect family friendly marina right across the bay from Fenwick Island.

This Marina is currently only taking long term and seasonal requests through Snag-A-Slip. Please use the Long Term Request Form

Sharks Cove Marina is a fantastic marina is located on the Delaware-Maryland line on Lighthouse Cove off of Little Assawoman Bay. You can relax at this marina while also having fun as they offer many summer fun activities including Parasailing, wave runners, and paddle boarding. You can enjoy the calmness of the bay or cross the bridge and get a tan while enjoying your day on the beach. This family oriented marina is the perfect place for families to come together and have some summer fun! Sharks Cove Marina is also in walking distance of many great restaurants. You can also go to many challenging miniature golf courses within miles of this marina. A journey to the near buy Ocean City Maryland board walk or the closer Bethany Beach board walk is also a great day trip activity that will leave you with memories that will last forever. There is no better way to spend your time on the water than spending it at Sharks Cove Marina.

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38.453033 / -75.064771

Sharks Cove Marina

Selbyville, Fenwick Island, Delaware - DE, United States


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