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Snag-A-Slip - Boater Feedback Survey - Covid-19 - Boat Slips

In March 2020, Snag-A-Slip conducted a national 9 question boater feedback survey regarding boater sentiment based on the current Covid-19 pandemic. Boaters who replied answered questions about their personal boating situation and what their plans, hopes, worries, and questions are for the upcoming 2020 boating season.

We received over 1,000 responses from boaters and have consolidated their responses below to share with the boating community as a whole! 99% of our respondents own their vessel.

Thank you to all of the boaters who took a few moments out of their days to answer the Snag-A-Slip boater feedback survey! We were so happy to hear from boaters all across the United States, as well as the Caribbean and  even further afield.

Overall, we feel that boaters are eager to get back out on the water! Many boaters believe that boating can be a great social distancing activity – and we agree! Snag-A-Slip is here to support boaters and marinas in making sure boating remains a safe activity for everyone to enjoy.

For more information regarding this survey, please contact the Snag-A-Slip Marketing Department by emailing
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