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Stnley Park by Mike Benna on Unsplash | Vancouver | Snag-A-Slip

On the farthest West side of the Canadian – United States border lies the well-known city of Vancouver. First things that come to mind may be ice hockey, the Winter Olympics…salmon perhaps? Yet, there is more than meets the eye of this city in British Columbia. 

Vancouver is an interesting city where you can explore the urban sprawl and be met with a natural wonderland just steps out of the city center. It is truthfully a great place to visit if you have a lot of personalities to please. Beach, mountains, or city? Why not have all three on your vacation!

Just like its East Coast counterpart, whale watching is a popular activity in the Strait of Georgia. The waters surrounding Vancouver are home to seals, sea lions, porpoise, orcas, and humpback whales. Visitors can catch many different kinds of whale watching and animal sightseeing tours that visit various islands in the Strait including boat rides to San Juan Island and more!

If you’re a fan of heights (which we are not but we will tell you about this attraction anyways), test your thrill seekers on the Capilano Suspension Bridge. This super long bridge is suspended 110 feet over the evergreen forest below. There are only 16 anchor points along the bridge – on a breezy day you may feel it. Not for this author, but it sure offers some beautiful landscapes of Vancouver’s nature.

Stanley Park is the largest and first urban park in Vancouver. This is where beaches come into play. The park has plenty of beautiful beaches that are quite popular on sunnier days. The nearly 1,000 acres features hiking trails, cafes and restaurants, gardens, and cultural landmarks. Stanley Park is home to the iconic First Nations Totem Poles which are definitely a bucket list item for us! These are too cool to miss.

There are plenty of awesome restaurants and things to do and see in downtown Vancouver for the city slicker in your life. You can visit the 2010 Olympic Village and explore the Museum of Anthropology or pick up some good food at the

Suspension bridge by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash | Vancouver | Snag-A-Slip

Granville Island Public Market. Maybe just a shopping day? Whatever floats your boat!

Now, you can explore Vancouver from the comfort of your own home with Vancouver Tourism’s Virtual Tours. This is the perfect opportunity to check the city out before adding it to your future itinerary!

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