Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

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Navigating Canada may seem daunting, however, there are great cities full of history and culture scattered along the coasts. In this blog, we will take you through the city of Saint John, New Brunswick. 

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada is the one of the oldest cities in Canada. The city district lies just north of the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia and is home to extensive historic streets, natural wonders and a bustling culture. Saint John is a good distance away from Montreal and Quebec, so the main language is English, however you may find a local or two willing to practice French with you! 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are known for their culture, maritime activities, and seafood matching that of Maine. If you want a complete overview of the history of New Brunswick, we recommend hitting the New Brunswick Museum (Musée Du Nouveau-Brunswick) while in town. The Museum is the oldest operating museum in the province, opening in 1842 and now home to the richest accumulation of New Brunswick history and culture. 

Visiting Collections and Research via New Brunswick Museum | Saint John, New Brunswick | Snag-A-Slip

Even though it is quite a way from the city center of Saint John, if you have the opportunity, head Northeast to Fundy National Park. The park is perhaps one of the most scenic and naturally stunning places in New Brunswick featuring waterfalls, red boulder beaches, diverse wildlife and much more. Of course, there are plenty of natural sights to see a bit closer to the docks. Rockwood Park, Irving Natural Park, and Reversing Falls Rapids are all within a couple of miles of downtown Saint John. 

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One of the coolest activities to partake in while boating in the Bay of Fundy is whale watching. Since the Bay is protected on either side, it is an ideal location for whales to give birth, raise their young, and feast from the plentiful plankton, krill, and fish that make the Bay their home. Head here to see all of the whale watching tours available to you. If you’re lucky, you can see whales of all species. The more common species are the Humpback, Minke, and Finback whale, but you may catch a quick glimpse of the North Atlantic Right Whale, Sei whales, White-beak dolphins, and Pilot whales. Our favorite are Belugas, however, that species, Blue, Sperm, and Killer whales are less commonly seen in the Bay. You may need to boat into the St. Lawrence River to see Belugas! Read more about the various species of whale in the Bay of Fundy here!

Last but certainly not least, Saint John City Market is the perfect place to stop in and get fresh produce, live music, local foods, demonstrations, and more! This open-concept market was established in 1785 and is the longest running farmer’s marketing in Canada. Head here and take a tour through the history of the building and stalls and here to check out what offerings are behind their doors.  

Where to Dock

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