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We are so happy to join in the celebration as our friends at Marinalife have been enhancing people’s boating and yachting experiences for 20 years. The company has grown so much since its founding in 2000 – here’s a little history and feature on what’s new!

Joy McPeters, founder and CEO of Marinalife, and her husband Doug wanted to make boating trips simpler to plan and execute, as they were met with troubles just getting a slip before the 2000s. Marinalife’s has developed from a print magazine to a digital platform offering reservations, discounts, itineraries, and destination guides!

Not only does Marinalife connect boaters and marinas through the website, but the magazine also features great articles on destinations and cruising itineraries. They take the guessing out of cruising around France, Greece, Florida, and everywhere in between. It is like starting a Pinterest board of useful guides to boating in other countries. All of our boating wishlist vacations come from Marinalife!

Joy in Bahamas | Marinalife | Snag-A-Slip

“As the founder of Marinalife and a lifetime boater on the Chesapeake Bay and in Florida and the Bahamas, I understand first-hand the difficulties in selecting the right marina and reserving dockage. We are committed to enhancing your boating experience with our easy to navigate, website for trip planning, reservations, and comprehensive cruising content,” -Joy McPeters, Founder, Marinalife, LLC

Late 2017 arrived and Joy McPeters partnered with Dan Cowens, CEO of Oasis Marinas and Snag-A-Slip, and was later acquired by the companies. The partnership has allowed for extreme growth in Marinalife as well as some fun collaborations between the brands! If you haven’t seen our blog recreating Marinalife’s Mango Salsa recipe, check it out here!

In 2019, Marinalife partnered with to bring cruising club members great deals while they travel. Essentially, if you are a Marinalife Member, you will have access to a Priceline search navigation tool. This will allow you to book all aspects of your trip on and off of the water to find the lowest deals. While you look at booking your slip, Priceline directs you to a separate search for hotels, flights, and car rentals! It is kind of the coolest and most convenient thing ever. You do need to be a Marinalife Cruising Club member to find these deals. There are multiple tiers of membership – check them out here and pick the one that’s right for you!

Read the whole 20 year story of Marinalife over on their website here, and wish them a happy 20th over on Facebook!

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When searching for all marinas, use our Interactive Map! Or check out our partner Marinalife with their marina listings for reference!

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