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Naval Academy | Annapolis Powerboat Show 2019 | Snag-A-Slip

Did you know Annapolis is the capital of Maryland? Not many people do! Baltimore is the first thought, and while we love Charm City, Annapolis is a really fun place to explore. While you’re in Annapolis for the boat shows, we recommend taking a walk around town and seeing all the cool unknown parts of the city! 

Annapolis, Maryland is a city steeped in a rich maritime culture and history. Founded in 1649, visitors can walk the same cobblestone streets as many notable political figures, and buildings frequented by key players in the Revolutionary War still stand today!

The Maryland State House is the oldest American State House still used today for legislation. 

Guests can visit daily with a legal form of identification and see the chambers and the exhibit where George Washington delivered his resignation and where the Treaty of Paris was ratified!

Head into Gate 1 of the United States Naval Academy just off of Town Dock and head to the visitor center for guided biking and riding tours offered daily. Enjoy the scenic grounds, views of the Main Chapel, the crypt of John Paul

State House | Maryland Day 2019 | Snag-A-Slip

Jones, statues and monuments throughout the campus, and much more! You can even visit the Naval Museum in Preble Hall, which features the rich history of United States Naval service and model ships.

Now you may think that the Naval Academy is the oldest institution in Annapolis, but St. John’s College actually holds that title. Founded in 1696, this historic campus is the third oldest in the United States! The campus is public, but set up a tour with a current student for the best details on life in Annapolis.

Every year these two colleges have a fun day-long game of croquet to see who comes out on top! While you won’t be able to see them duke it out during the Fall boat shows, this event is a must see for those visiting in the Spring. Come back to Annapolis then!

The Annapolis Maritime Museum is a real hidden gem, though a bit of a jump from Town Dock. Located in historic Eastport right off the Severn River, this museum houses all off Annapolis’ rich maritime culture-and a huge tank full of live oysters and a sweet paired crab couple!

If museums aren’t your thing, we suggest the ghost tours of Annapolis. This spooky walk will take visitors through the

Annapolis Maritime Museum | Annapolis Powerboat Show 2019 | Snag-A-Slip

best haunted streets of the city at night, revealing the dark and mysterious pasts of many buildings and people of historic Annapolis, Maryland. This is the perfect activity for October!

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