World Water Day

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Girl Drinking Water | World Water Day | Snag-A-Slip

Although water may seem like an abundant natural resource, there are still billions of people in need of safe, clean drinking water. This World Water Day is the perfect time to give back to communities who are in desperate need of help.

Did you know that there are more than 2.1 billion that live without safe drinking water at home? Clean water is still an issue for many people all over the world. World Water Day is a day to help give back to those in need.

This year, the theme for World Water Day is “Leaving no one behind”. According to the UN-Water, the “Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) aims to ensure availability and sustainable management of water for all by 2030. By definition, this means leaving no one behind.”

Water is a basic need for all humans. We are made up of 60% water, making it essential for our survival. Having access to safe, clean drinking water is necessary for all people. Although many take it for granted, the effects of having access to safe water go beyond the basic survival principal.

To put it into perspective, here are some facts you probably didn’t know about having access to water:

  • 844 million people – 1 in 9 – lack access to water
  • Almost 6x the population of the United States lives without a household water connection.
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene-related disease kills nearly 1 million people each year.
  • Reductions in time spent collecting water increases school attendance, especially for girls.
  • Universal access to basic water and sanitation would result in $18.5 billion in economic benefits each year from avoided deaths alone.
Water in hands | World Water Day | Snag-A-Slip

Having access to safe drinking water can change people’s lives. By giving people access to safe water, they have all kinds of new opportunities. They can farm more efficiently, children can go to school, and so much more!

So, you’re probably thinking to yourself, how can I help? If you’d like to give a donation, is the place to do so. Your donation impacts over 17 million people’s lives. According to their website, for every $1 invested in water and sanitation provides a $4 economic return. To donate, just click on the blue button in the top right corner that says “DONATE”. also partners with tens of companies to give back to this cause. By simply shopping online with some of your favorite brands, a portion of the sale will be donated to Brands include Stella Artois, blk water, and so much more. You can even shop on Amazon and donate! Simply go to and select as your charity. For a complete list of all ways to shop to make a donation, click here.

This World Water Day, consider giving back to those in need!  Here at Snag-A-Slip, we encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle and environmentally friendly products. It’s important to limit the amount of emissions from boats and pollutants from boating products to ensure we continue to only help in the fight against pollution.

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