Everglades Isle Marina in Florida Now Open

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Everglades Isle Marina in Florida -Snag-A-Slip

It is with great joy that we welcome back Everglades Isle Marina in the Florida Everglades! After sustaining damages from Hurricane Irma, Everglades Isle Marina has been closed for repairs. As of January 1st, 2018 they are officially open and ready to take boaters!

Everglades Isle Marina is a known hidden gem and offers everything you could hope for in a marina. Located in Everglades City, Florida at Everglades Isle Marina in Florida - Snag-A-Slipthe end of Wilderness Waterway, the marina is nestled in the heart of the Everglades and surrounded by lush acreage and tons of wildlife.  There is no better place to find peace and quiet in South Florida.

When it comes to amenities, this Florida marina rocks. Boaters can expect free wifi, fresh water, and access to all the resort amenities. At the 8,500 square foot clubhouse, Everglades Isle visitors can play billiards, use the fitness center, do laundry, and enjoy the on-site theater. The resort includes access to a beautiful swimming pool, as well as The Spa at Everglades Isle. How’s that for some serious R&R?

Beyond relaxing, Everglades Isle Marina is an ideal stop for outdoorsmen searching for some natural exploration. With access to the 10,000Everglades Isle Marina in Florida - Snag-A-Slip Islands, you can rent canoes or kayaks and paddle through the dense mangrove forests. You can also hook up with a guided kayak excursion or take an airboat tour through the jungles of the Everglades while viewing some of America’s most exotic species.

Everglades Isle is located upstream on the Barron River. The MLW on the channel is 6ft, so this marina is able to accommodate most boats. Please note, however, that the marina cannot take beams greater than 18 feet.

With endless offerings and quaint charm, Everglades Isle Marina has something for everyone, and there is no better time to visit than now with their grand re-opening!

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