Atlantic ICW Marinas with Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Feasts

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Atlantic ICW Marinas Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Feasts

While many have begun trotting down the Atlantic ICW chasing the fading summer sun, it is important to the Snag-A-Slip team that boaters find the perfect place to enjoy a wholesome Thanksgiving meal, even while traveling. Below, you will see our partner Atlantic ICW marinas with restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving feasts. We have checked out the menus and boy, do they look amazing!


North Carolina

Atlantic ICW Marinas With Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Feasts - Snag-A-Slip

Country club living at Albemarle Plantation Marina Club House Restaurant

Albemarle Plantation Marina’s Club House restaurant will offer a Thanksgiving buffet from 11a-2p. For your reservations, call 252-426-2252. Snag your slip at Albemarle Plantation Marina!

Atlantic ICW Marinas Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Feasts

Gorgeous views at Christoph’s On the Water


New Bern Grand Marina’s restaurant, Christoph’s On the Water will host a Thanksgiving buffet from 12-2:30p. Call 252-638-0305 for your reservations. Snag your slip at New Bern Grand Marina!


South Carolina

Atlantic ICW Marinas Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Feasts

A relaxing view of the harbor at South Carolina Yacht Club

Windmill Harbour Marina’s restaurant, South Carolina Yacht Club will be having a Thanksgiving buffet from 12:30-3p. They are also offering “Thanksgiving to Go” for those who are eating on the run (find form here). Call 843-681-7292 for your reservations. Snag your boat slip at Windmill Harbour Marina here!



Atlantic ICW Marinas Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Feasts

A beautiful ambiance at Aqua Star restaurant

Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa’s restaurant, Aqua Star will be offering three seatings for Thanksgiving. The tentative seating times will be scheduled for 10:30a, 12:00p and 1:30p. Call 912-201-2085 your for reservations. Snag your boat slip at Westin Savannah Marina here

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