Three New England Boating Destinations for Fall Cruising

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New England Boating - Marinas in New England

New England is known for its fresh seafood, rocky shorelines, and historic towns. As the boating season comes to a close up North, you don’t have to give up on New England boating! There is still some time to go a visit some great stops and marinas in New England, along the coastline spots for fall foliage. Below are my top three coastline towns to enjoy some fall festivities.

Bar Harbor, Maine

New England Boating and Marinas in Maine

Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine

With October almost done, the oak, maple, and birch trees of Maine start to come into bloom. The fall brilliance is hard to miss as Acadia National Park dominates the locality. First denoted as Sieur de Monts in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson, this national treasure was the first national park east of the Mississippi. It was eventually denoted “Acadia” based off the Greek word “arcadia referring to a unique vision of pastoralism in harmony with nature. This detonation is not far from the truth as you can dock in the one of the many marinas in the town then spend the next few days hiking and exploring the hills and views of the red orange and yellow. If you get the chance, make the hike up Cadillac Mountain to witness the easternmost sunrise of the continental United States.

Essex, Connecticut

New England boating and marinas in Connecticut.

Quaint streets in Essex, Connecticut.

If you are taking a last minute cruise along the Connecticut shoreline you would be remiss to visit the small town of Essex. Located just north along the Connecticut River, this town is home to some of the best restaurants and pubs in the state. After taking a stroll through this historic town during the peak of foliage, stop by the Griswold Inn to enjoy a draft and live music. Opening in 1776 this is one of the oldest continually operated inns in the United States. With a cozy atmosphere and live music, the Griswold Inn is the ultimate respite from the windy waters of the Sound. Dock at Between the Bridges Marina, which is a 30 minute boat ride, or 15 minute drive, from Essex.


Portsmouth, New Hampshire

New England boating and marinas in New Hampshire

The harbor in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

With the little shoreline New Hampshire has, Portsmouth is a town that makes the most of it. This quaint city is bustling in the fall as the locals sit outsides its many cafes and coffee shops enjoying the crisp cool air. The town is extremely walkable and flanked with beautiful oak and maple trees. Stroll through Portsmouth’s Prescott Park or visit one of the may bookstores and museums. For a quick day or weekend trip you can dock at the Marina at Harbour Place. There is no limit to the amount eating, browsing, or shopping in this quintessential New England boating town!


Have you visited any of these New England boating destinations in fall? Let us know below!

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