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Matt Bee - New England and Long Island Sound Boating

I love Baltimore. I love its history, and the food. The cheap beer, and the people. It’s a gritty town with loads of character, often dubbed as the “City of Neighborhoods” for good reason. As any local here will tell you, you can venture from block to block and feel like you are in a whole new city. It’s this constant rediscovery of the city that led me to stay here after college.

Johns Hopkins University brought me to Baltimore and, from my first summer job in the city, I knew I needed to stay awhile and enjoy this “Greatest City in America.” Note: Baltimore has a bunch of nicknames. From “the city that reads,” to Smalltimore, there are no lack of slogans to describe these streets.

Snag-A-Slip Annapolis Boat Show

Hanging with our awesome boaters at the Annapolis Boat Show!

Since I’ve moved to Baltimore, I’ve found a number of great places for dining, drinking, playing and boating. Whether in a game at Camden Yards, or trying the latest sip at Sagamore Distillery, there’s no shortage of things to do here in Baltimore today – and in the future. In fact, stay tuned here as I share the latest developments in Port Covington, Baltimore’s new front porch.

But, as much as I’m enjoying my time here, I am a New England kid at heart. I left my home state to explore new destinations and have different experiences but, after joining the Snag-A-Slip team, I’ve begun to reflect on the many days and nights I’ve spent enjoying the New England coastline. Working with boaters throughout the Chesapeake, and visiting places like St. Michaels and Annapolis, I’ve fallen back in love with the water and I realize how awesome it was to grow up on Long Island Sound. I can’t wait to visit my old haunts, and see them through our boaters’ eyes.

The Connecticut boating culture is different compared to Chesapeake boating culture. I lived in a rural town, but my

Snag-A-Slip - Long Island Sound - Matt Bee

Summer days on the Connecticut coast.

Grandfather owned Rita’s Mink, a 40ft trawler that he hailed out of Branford, Connecticut. Much to my Grandmother’s disappointment (mostly because she thought she was getting a mink that year the boat showed up), my Grandfather was in love with his vessel and it became a place for the family to gather. We spent many weekends cruising the Long Island Sound, and deep sea fishing in the Atlantic. Rita’s Mink took us all along the New England coastline, we spent many summer days in Watch Hill or at Second Beach in Rhode Island. Some summers we would venture to Ogunquit, Maine, where we rented the same house every other year.

My Grandfather passed when I was young, and I value and cherish these adventures. From the quiet beach towns, seafood shacks, cottages, and Del’s frozen lemonades, to the fried oysters, lobster rolls and rocky beaches, there’s no shortage of memories to revisit.

Now, I’m enjoying the best of both worlds. I get to grow and enjoy a town that I love, while also traveling home to the coast that I know!

Join me on my journey as I share all of the great things to do here in Baltimore, and travel home to visit our Northeast marina partners and explore all the great towns that dot the Long Island Sound.

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Author Matt

Originally from Connecticut, Matt’s last name is Bee and he is in fact a professional beekeeper, which he claims is a total coincidence. Even so, bees have a hard time paying the rent for their hives, so to pay his bills, Matt also works on Snag-A-Slip’s marketing team.

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