“An Annapolis startup has created an Airbnb for boat slips” (Baltimore Business Journal)

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Thanks to the Baltimore Business Journal for reporting on the launch of the Snag-A-Slip online booking service to rent boat slips in June 2015. Dubbed an “Airbnb for boat slips”, Snag-A-Slip is hoping to target boaters looking for a transient boat slip for a weekend trip, or those needing to take safe harbor and aren’t sure where to go. Boaters can now book online, instead of over the phone.

The Baltimore Business Journal reports that “Boaters often spend hours online and on the phone, checking availability at marinas and booking slips. Meanwhile, marinas often end the weekend with rows of vacant boat slips. Snag-A-Slip resolves this disconnect, which is why Cowens expects the company to grow quickly.” This is exactly why Snag-A-Slip was founded: to make boating easier and more fun for everyone.

Boaters can visit the site, search for where they want to go, enter in the dimensions of their boat, and trip dates, and then can search for available slips near their destination. It’s easy! Boaters who book through Snag-A-Slip pay the same price as if they booked through the marina, without having to spend hours on the phone checking availability with busy dockmasters.

On top of that, Snag-A-Slip doesn’t charge boaters any extra fee to use the website; instead, marinas pay a fee when a slip is booked through Snag-A-Slip. With Snag-A-Slip, marinas can list their transient slips on the site — slips that otherwise may remain vacant. They only pay a fee when a slip is booked, and the fee will vary depending on if the marina only occasionally lists slips, or if they use Snag-A-Slip as their preferred booking service.

The Baltimore Business Journal also reports that Snag-A-Slip is working with about 40 marinas, ahead of the goal that CEO, Dan Cowens, set. The company is looking to grow business relationships with at least 750 marinas nationwide by this time next year. As Snag-A-Slip expands, they’ll also look to increase their team size from 10 to upwards of 70 in the next year.

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Snag-A-Slip Launches Booking Site - Rent Boat Slips Online - Baltimore Business Journal

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